How to Beat the NRA In 7 (Not-So-Easy) Steps

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by bscar, Jul 18, 2014.

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    Not much new here in the way of anti-gun strategies or initiatives. We should never be complacent but I think that by most measures we're winning, albeit slowly.

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    The only way the leftist elites of our country are going to beat the NRA is if they make lobbying illegal, which would effect all of their bank accounts too much to even consider.

    The only other way would be to erode the NRA's massive financial support which mainly comes from individual donations. To put it simply, it isn't happening any time soon.

    As much as the left wants people to hate guns, right now, the support isn't there.
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    Yup, I just sent NRA-ILA a donation this morning. Go get 'em Wayne. :cool:
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    But they have Barry's pen and phone. And Dumberg's millions. And Watts' bow. And Feinstein's axe. And Reid's sword.
  6. Given the level of trust that people have in the gov, it will be a long time before there will be support for it. The leftists can't even figure out that the only way for trust to be restored in the gov is to shrink the size of government.

    A real catch 21 for them. They just plain ran out of time and money.


    The leftists didn't bother to read the rest of what he wrote:

    "When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred."
    - Niccolo Machiavelli
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    And all of that, far from diminishing America's enthusiasm for guns, has instead ignited the biggest frenzy of civilian gun and ammo acquisition in history, accompanied by a groundswell of concealed carry legislation that has swept through virtually every state in the union. Whatever Barry, Bloomy, and the rest are doing, I sure hope they keep it up. ;)
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    Rolling Stone is stooping to editing any comments that they disagree with. I think we got it stopped after calling them out on it though. Cowards are the only ones afraid of an open discussion.
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    You misspelled Liberals, Mary...
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    I see whatcha did there Bull. Maybe I'm gettin' smarter? :p
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    or In Before the "Move" :D

    IMO the "gun grabbing" politicians may well have stock in various gun companies, and just make these proposed "laws" to generate sales.
    Now what they are doing with the money in the future could be using
    it against us, but for now, like CKTVT said, is motivating the public to
    exercise their 2A Rights in unprecedented fashion!
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    +1 that!.........