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How to Cast from Wheel Weights

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Well here we go. I looked for some good videos on the process of casting and never really found something that worked for me. There are some really good write ups on this process. The problem I had with these is everyone kind of acted like they were some Scientist. It doesnt have to be that hard when you first start out.

The first thing you should do is try to read a good reloading manual or casting manual. I read the Casting section of the Modern Reloading Manual from Lee 3-4 times....

After you have done that and you think that casting is something you want to get into, we need to get a few items.

You dont need to get these exact item but I thought this would be the best way to do it for me.

Some type of burner. We are using a Turkey Frier.

Now that we have the heat we are going to need a good pair of gloves!!!! I am using a pair of leather work gloves and a set of Welding Gloves. Make sure they are thick or your hands will get hot in a hurry.

Then we need a way to melt the WW (Wheel Weights) down. For this I am using a 1 pint Cast Iron pot.

Now you can use the Lee Production bottom pour pots for this but I think it would be a pain in the butt to get all of the clips and contamination out. I would also not want all of that in my production pot.

Regardless of how you melt it down you will need a set of needle nose pliers, A spoon off some sorts (just a old spoon) slotted spoons work really well for this, And a place to put all of the clips and contaminated lead scale.

You will also need to get a Flux of some kind. I am using Lee bullet lube for this. You can use bees wax, and I have heard of some people using saw dust?? I use the Lee Bullet Lube just to keep it simple for me. What ever you use make sure the it does not have a corrosive in it or it will rust your pots in a hurry. There are many brands out there a quick Google search will find you many.

We are going to need some type of Mould to put all of the melted lead!!! I have the Lee Ingot Mould, but it was just not very good for producing alot of lead. The Aluminum is thin so it stays molten and soft for a while before you can dump and refill. My fix to this was the FISH AND CORN moulds!!!!!!! It also is just something different. Not to mention that they are cheaper than the Lee Ingot Mould. They are simply Cast Iron corn bread moulds. The fish Mould is just over 2 pounds and the corn Mould is just over 1 pound when ther bars come out.

I have heard of people using all sorts of things for the Ingots. Cupcake tins, Soda cans with the tops cut off, Loaf pans, Really what ever you can find that is metal could work.

THIS IS YOUR ENEMY!!!!!!!!! This is a ZINK WW. If you keep the heat DOWN to just were the WW start melting the Zink will not have a chance to melt. Lead melts at 621*f. Zink melts at 786*f. So if you get a WW that just seems to not want to melt just let it go it will be ok you can get more lol. This WW had a thick coat of paint on it and look like all of the other WW in the bucket... You should not find to many of these. Just work fast as the lead starts to melt and you should be ok.

Last but not least you will need a good source for these!!!!!

Now have a look at these videos and I hope they help!!!!!!!

Ok this is another work in progress for me like I said above I have to either figure out how to cut this video down as it was 56mb to large. I will also get together videos getting it form the corn and fish into the bullet form.

Please remember I am by no means a expert at this...yet... I just know that something like this would have really helped me as I though I had to go to MIT before I would have the smarts to do something like this. It is quite the opposite. IT IS A VERY EASY PROCESS. Just take your time and use some trial and error.

Hope this helps some of you out.

Tutorial to come. For now here is the video!


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Here in a few weeks I will be in Colorado Springs We will have to go shooting.
Nice vid of the molding process Stryker1! I liked the wisecrack "and repeat"... Had me rolling...
I just got my lee pot, and i ordered my tumble lube 124gr 9mm lrn from fmreloading. 23 bucks with shipping for the mold. I will have the bullet factory up and running this weekend.
Is it a 2 cavity or a 6 cavity mold? This is the one I am thinking of getting from midwayusa.... $38.00 for a 6 cavity mold.

I was looking at those too, but I was thinking about the SWC rather than RN. Since the .40 S&W is generally a SWC, I'll probably just go that route with the 9mm as well.
I have 7, 5 gallon buckets of used lead weights. I am going to melt them down and make several lead ingots out of them. Then when my stuff comes in I will not have to worry about getting the lead clean. I am also using it in my shop on select custom cars we build and repair. So reloading is not my only reason for doing it.
I ordered my 2 lee pots from MidwayUSA tonight. They should be here sometime this week. I got 3 lead ingots from my Dad this week, all of them over 25 pounds each. I brought them back with me from Mississippi and I am ready to start casting!!!!
Stryker thanks for such an informative video. It sure cleared up things right up as I didn't have a good grasp on things untill seeing the vid.
Is it a 2 cavity or a 6 cavity mold? This is the one I am thinking of getting from midwayusa.... $38.00 for a 6 cavity mold.

2 cavity

Bullet factory is NOW open for business! 8)
I thought I would have had time before tonight to make my first ingots, but I didn't until a few hours ago. I have 3, 25 pound lead ingots that I got from my Dad and using half of one of those ingots I made 3 full molds plus a partial mold. That's roughly 15 pounds of lead My bullet molds should be in by Friday....
Well boys, I got my bullet molds yesterday. I got 2, 125 grain 9mm 2 cavity tumble lube molds, and 2, 230 grain .45ACP 2 cavity tumble lube molds. The PrimalSeal bullet factory is open for business. :mrgreen:
Hey Primal, you shoot any of your 9mm tumble lubes out of a hi-point yet? I'm just curious about how well they seal and how bad they lead.
Dude, I have had so much on my plate these last 2 weeks with work and all the other things I do, I haven't made any bullets or reloaded anything since the first time I posted. Once I get a chance to scratch my arse and fart, I'll load some up and see how they do in the 995.

Until then I am pretty much just going day to day praying that I see the next morning.
Hehe, that sounds vaguely familiar... If I had the time myself maybe I could figure out where I heard it before.
Finally! A clear and to the point video to help me understand this stuff. Thank You! Great Job
Finally! A clear and to the point video to help me understand this stuff. Thank You! Great Job
That's why it is a sticky... Stryker1 knows his stuff, +1 to him and you for signing up to show appreciation!
Here is a couple of tips on casting your own.

#1; KEEP THOSE INGOTS WARM TO HOT BEFORE YOU ADD THEM TO MOLTEN LEAD; AND ABOVE ALL KEEP THEM DRY! If you drop a cold wet ingot into molten lead you just might get a lead shower when the pot blows! That can and will blind you or kill you and painfully.

#2; If you know anybody working for the phone company they can get you slabs of almost pure lead. You will have to harden it prior to casting. I have about 40 pounds left; really good stuff.

About 50 years ago when I first started casting my own bullets I did it on my moms kitchen stove while she was not home. I used some old pot she had to melt the lead; thinking I could clean it up later....WRONG!
Anyway it seems like it took a long time for it to melt the lead, cant remember how long now; but I finally started casting my first bullets; man were they pretty and shiny. I was having a great time until the bottom of my moms pan got too hot and the weight of the lead poured out the bottom of moms pan and down on top of and around the burners on her stove....I had molten lead everywhere in that stove. That was the first time I ever heard my mom cuss. Dad never could fix that one burner and ended up getting mom a new stove. I was grounded for quite a long time.
Remember...keep ingots; wheel weights; anything you are going to add to the molten lead WARM AND DRY!

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I haven't cast any for 9mm yet and cant find my manual. Does anyone know if you have to use gas checks for the 9mm. Seems to me like you would have to for accuracy and to minimize leading up your barrel.

Don't forget to lubricate and resize the bullets prior to loading them for the same reasons.

I dont want to seem a know it all but I havent seen anybody mention resizing and lubing the bullets. If I missed that I am sorry.

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