How to defeat the 'Debug Double Post'...

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  1. After you submit your post, and getting the debug message, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the "Hi-Point Firearms Forums Forum Index" link at the top, left of the page.
    2. Click on the " View posts since last visit" link on the top, right side of page.
    3. Reenter the thread you were just in.
    4. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

    The thread and the new posts page will be updated with your post.

    It sounds like a lot of work, but it takes an average of about 15 to 30 seconds. It also avoids a lot of headaches.
    Hope this helps some of ya'll.
  2. I just hit back a couple times then F-5 to refresh. For me, everytime I get that error, my post has gone through anyways.

  3. Ummm...yeah you could do it that way. If you wanted to do things the easy way. :p
  4. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    As long as you get the debug screen, you can go anywhere and your post will go through.
  5. I dont even bother to do that now that I have noticed that the posts are there, just getting the bug message for some reason.
  6. im working on it guys....hang tight!
  7. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    don't post a message with the word "died" in it! I got a crazy screen
  8. Died

    edit: nope, nothing strangerous...not even a debug! Maybe jones fixed it all last night. He's working as hard as a three legged cat tryin to get away from a pack of dogs lately tryin to get this forum issues straightened out.
  9. I just got the Debug mode problem on my last post, no big deal cuz the Jones is all over it like stink on crap..... Thanks for working so hard Jones, you rock dude.
  10. Its not a real problem that is keeping people from posting, its just an anoyance anyhow.

    Dont work yourself to death over it Jones, its not that big a deal, to me at least ;)