how to: make a spacer to add a forend grip to your 995ATI

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  1. tools needed:
    hand drill
    various drill bits
    chop saw (hack saw would work)
    air cut off wheel (maybe a hack saw would work here also)
    Filip's/flat head drivers
    metering tap
    sand paper
    hole punch
    starter punch

    materials needed:
    1"by 1" steel square tubing (13.xx home depo for over 5 feet of it)
    1"by x steel flat bar (7.xx for over 4 feet of it a local nut bolt place)
    sheet of 1/2 mm rubber (2.xx sold by the pound)

    the problem:
    i first found a space were i wanted to mount a forend grip/rail but the ATI stock wasn't flat on the bottom and i didn't want to mount the rail crocked. The reading Ive done on here told of 2 seclusions to mounting a forend rail/under rail system on a ATI stocked 995
    1:forend rail system for the storm but with a price tag of around 70$ (way to much money for a 200$ rifle)
    2:another member made a little spacer (didn't look strong enough and with my luck it would brake at the worst time)

    the solution:
    After putting my 995 on its side and finding were i wanted to mount my rail

    step 1: I took my measurements for length and front and rear hight (since were I'm mounting it is on a grade) they ended up being 3 inches long with a front hight of 1 inch and a rear hight of 1/2 inch


    step 2: cut a 3 inch peace of square tubing and marked the front hight and rear hight on the peace i cut and drew a straight line between the marks (i was lucky it ended up being that easy)

    step 3: charged the air compressor and cut the straight line i just made with the cut off wheel


    step 4: cut a 3 inch peace of the 1" flat stock


    step 5: welded the flat stock to the modified square tubing

    step 6: ground weld off, filed all end and corners and then hit with sand




    step 7: drill corresponding holes in bottom with rail you intend to use


    step 8: drill holes in top for mounting

    step 9: drill corresponding holes in bottom of ATI stock for the holes you just drilled in the top of your spacer

    step 10: cut two 1" by 3" strips in the 1/2mm sheet of rubber, hole punch holes into it to fit between your ATI stock and spacer to account for the curved bottom

    step 11: install

    what it looks installed and finished




    total time spent from design to install: around 2 hrs with tools above
    total money spend: around $22
    finishing thoughts: with this installed and being held to my ATI stock with 2 bolts with the 2 peaces of rubber acting as grippers/spacers its rock solid and it give me better control over the rifle in the standing and sitting as well as on the move. i would recommend this to any one! thats why I'm taking the time to post this and take the pics ENJOY

    p.s sorry about the pics and the links i wanted them to be all on this page with out links but i havent mastered that yet :?
    if a mod. would please correct i would like vary much!

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  2. Very, very nice work -- a great mod. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dockem

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    Nice work and great write-up w/ pix!
  4. Re: how to: make a spacer to add a forend grip to your 995AT

    I hope you don't mind, I quoted you to make the photos show up.
  5. no benny i dont mind at all, and thank you for doing it :D
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    Much kudos on the effort and the photos, though its not my style...dont think I'd use a foregrip anyway...bipod likely, but not a grip...
  7. Thanks for the effort Benny, it's all good now. Sorry it took so long for me to get to it, as I have been busy with the Air Show this weekend.
  8. They had the Muskogee air show for the first time in about 4 years this weekend, and for the first time since the early 70's the Blue Angels were the main attraction.

    I didnt go, wanted to really bad as I have never seen then perform, but it was either gun or air show, and the gun won out. :shock: