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  1. Thought Screen Helmet.

    According to information obtained from the Stop Alien Abductions web site the Thought Screen Helmet stops aliens from abducting humans. It's been used by abductees for over nine years now.

    The following web site tells you how to make your very own Thought Screen Helment. It provides a list of materials and tools you will need along with information on where to obtain the necessary materials.

    Please help your fellow humans stop being abducted by those little blue/grey fellows from the stars...............
  2. I'm afraid to click....but here it goes anyways...

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    :roll: :roll: :roll:

    That's just special.....and yes, I do mean the short bus special, which is convienent because these guys are packing their own helmets!
  4. I guess they have found ways around tin foil?
  5. Even says on it's tech source page...

    "Thought screens were invented in science fiction literature by E.E. “Doc†Smith in 1942"

    But lovin the people who have used it:

  6. Come on man, we all know tin foil is all holywood. It requires duct tape to stop alien mind control now...oh and some product called velostat. It's obvious that it works, here's the proof!

    Who can argue with that! These thing will even stop the alien hybrids! {insert guinness "GENIUS" remark here}
  7. I have had several aliens try to steal my identity, but when they saw my credit score, they all gave it back :lol:
  8. that's the funniest thing that I've heard this week :lol:
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    Yeah...a cutie...but you neglected to mention with a touch of CRAZY!!!!!!


    I already got enough unstable ex g/f's. Don't need one nuts from the factory.
  11. If you read the feedback ot testimonials or whatever it's called, you'll see there's alot of people who are wacky enough to wear this. I wonder if any of it's made up, but who knows. Check out their sister site, the children one. And I thought our sister site was out there ;-)
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    then there is:
    Then as a sure sign of crazys, a group of people that ride very obsolite Russin knock off of a 1938 Vermark motorcycle. They even have foil hat contests at their rides.
    Remember when you make your foil hat. No NO sharp points. YOU just can't have any arcing.
  13. I believe that everyone is crazy to a certain degree, its how crazy you are that matters.

    The little cutie above, I could put up with a tin foil hat for a while at least ;)
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    Didn't some bored MIT students do an experiment with tin foil hats and actually found that they amplify radio waves into your skull?
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    now what theck an I gonna do with all this tin foil?
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    The uses of duct tape never ceases to amaze me! :lol:
  17. Yes but it sticks to your hair and that hurts! :lol:
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    It does the same thing as an exorcism. You have a ritual to follow a superstition. Works like a charm with Schizophrenics, Bipolars and schizoeffective disorders, just look at church with all the crazies you meet there. Heck if I can't keep the LDS and JW off my porch maybe I will try this thing.