How to mount factory laser switch

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    Hi all - I just bought the factory laser and it came with some velcro pads and also an elastic band with a velcro spot on it. I was going to put a velcro pad on the solid piece that the front folding grip pivots around, but to get it to fit right I would have to bend the top part of the switch assembly (feels like an electrical connector inside?). I put the elastic band around the grip and attached the switch to that, but it seems like it might move or get the cable caught on something. Any thoughts??
  2. I got the Idea on this forum , bike innertube works good cut thin pice where it pivots and 2" for switch ( i run my cable over the fr sling mount)

  3. stevieb

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    Works like a charm. Inertube..Thats how i did my 45:)
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    The factory laser that came with my .40 S&W pistol just has a slide switch in the tailcap, no pressure switch.