How to Polish the Feed Ramp

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    This is not my post: All credit should go to Needforspeed3685! All I did was find it in the cached pages of the old forum and cut and paste. I thought it could be useful

    How-To: Polish the Feed Ramp
    Hi-Point C9 9mm Compact
    (works for others)

    Materials Needed: [​IMG]

    Dremel with polishing discs including at least one cone-shaped tip (the flex-shaft, used here, really makes this a lot easier!)

    Red jeweler's compound or low-grit polishing compound

    Extra rags, an old t-shirt, or something to seperate the gun and work surface to catch the excess polish compound

    Q-Tips (not pictured)

    Gun Solvent and oil (CLP and Outer's products shown)

    3/32" pin punch, or ice pick, or if you can't find anything else, the allen wrench included with the gun for sight adjustment fits perfectly!

    Begin by removing the slide. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for doing this, and always ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE GUN IS UNLOADED. Check the chamber twice, save your life.

    After the slide is off, you'll have much better access to the feed ramp.
    The feed ramp is the small inclined plane that the nose of a bullet slides against when entering the chamber.
    As you can see in this picture, the black finish began chipping off the feed ramp on mine after 1500 rounds. At this point, you might as well polish the feed ramp, as the small deviation between the finished and unfinished surfaces will cause a round to "hang-up" in the chamber and not feed properly. [​IMG]

    Begin with the Dremel on it's lowest speed setting. This is somewhere around 5000 RPM's, and is more than sufficient to begin the polishing process. Apply compound to the polish tip and polish the feed ramp with constant movement, as to prevent and low spots. As the ramp is polished some and the compound begins to work, you can up the speed to 1/2 to 3/4 power. I found that full speed only slung compound everywhere instead of actually polishing.

    Once the feed ramp is covered with a layer of compound (which will turn black when used) wipe it down with a rag sprayed with a shot of CLP. This will quickly remove the polish and reveal any spots you may need to go back over once more.
    Here you can see the middle is fairly polished, but the sides are still coated and need more work: [​IMG]

    While you have the slide removed, you should consider running a Q-Tip chucked in the Dremel up the firing pin channel. This area is victim to the same surface finish chipping problem, and will clean up well with a few passes with a rotating Q-Tip.

    Once you have everything removed from the feed ramp, it's time to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! As you can see, the polish compound really goes everywhere, including down the barrell. [​IMG]

    Wipe the feed ramp down with rag or cotton patch dipped in Gun & Reel Oil or equivalent to prevent any rust from showing up. Make sure this coat is VERY light.

    I noticed a huge difference when I did this to my C9. It now chambers rounds more smoothly and quickly, and I don't have to manually rack the first round. I simply touch the back of the slide and it does the rest!
  2. +1 On the cleaning. i tore the grips off and everything when i did mine. that polish truly doe sgo everywhere.

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    I removed the barrel when I did mine.
  4. The easiest way to do this is of course to take off the barrel. But if you don't want to do that, just take some blue painters tape and tape off the lower reciever all the way up to the feed ramp and stuff a cotton ball down the barrel. Just remember to remove the cotton ball before you reassemble.
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  6. I took off the barrels, plugged them at the chamber area, and used #400 wet or dry sandpaper, shaped it to the curve of my finger, and used a left right twist on the ramp.

    Didnt take long at all before I had a mirror finish.

    However you do it, be sure to only do the Zamak feed ramp, and not dig into the steel barrel chamber.

    And like mentioned above, if you put something in the barrel to keep the grit out, make sure you remove it when done.
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    reviving old thread this should be a sticky
  8. You are absolutely right. I forgot this thread existed. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Thanks for the how-to. Hopefully, I'm getting a Dremel for Christmas. If not, what's your experience been with gunsmiths and the Hi-Point?
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    Well, I'm happy to report that I did get the Dremel tool for Christmas! So, I guess I don't care what gunsmiths think about the Hi-Point!

    After Christmas I'll be giving a range report and posting pics of my JPH with the Dremel polished feed ramp.
  11. Thanks for the write up, I just polished the feed ramp on my Hi Point C9 Comp :cool2:
  12. Thank You!! I've been looking back through a lot of old threads and decided I was going to do this. This should help a lot!


    If the government can take it away, then it's not a right!
  13. im noob, what does do? helps with jams?
  14. Yea it helps it feed better, gives it a slick smooth surface for the bullet to travel over therefore reducing the amount of FTF problems.
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    ok, i have a cheap a$$ dremel without varying speeds. Could it still work? also, the pictures in the OP are gone. I don't know which attachment to use on the dremel. I have like 50 attachments. can anyone post pictures of the tools they used?
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    Dude I think your index finger and a piece of sand paper would be enough.
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    awesome. thanks.

    so once you get the finish off, do you need to buff it or anything?
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    I dunno, but I coulnt imagine it being that big of a deal either way.
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    My c9 just a has a little shiney strip up the middle of the fed ramp from shootin it. No polishing required.