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  1. I need to know how to sell a gun over the internet,...say like on this forum because I need to move closer to my college because gas is outragious and I cannot afford to drive the 30-35 miles one way every day. So me and my girl friend decided to move to the city since she works there any way. The money we will save in gas will help with the bills. I will have to find a new job quickly and we will have to come up with a good chunk of money to get in to a place. :cry: I am freaking out because of the higher costs to live and I am afraid we will get squeezed out of the economic system before we can graduate. I am faced with the tough choice of selling things to help with the costs. So in the next week or two I am going to try all my friends first to see if they want any thing so I can avoid the extra head aches of shipping. If no one local bites then I want to be able to post the stuff on here before I go any where else, but I need to know the how abouts to sell firearms to others on the net. I am guessing I can ship from one dealer to another. I am also assuming that dealers will charge the day lights out of you for anything they can. So what is the best way to make a sale while avoiding costs so i can make more money in pocket and give a better deal to the buyer at the same time. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I also live in Michigan if that helps any. I am not rock solid if I am going to sell my guns since they are an absolute last option. I feel that my word, my family and my guns are the only thing I can count on, especially with the way things are and the way they are going. Since I am moving to the city, I would really love to keep all the guns I can. I am still weighing out my options and their consequences. Once again, any help turning these lemons into lemonaid will be greatly appreciated!