how to shim a scope

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  1. yworrydog

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    I may have to shim my new scope on my 9mm 995 How do I do that?

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    well what exactly is the problem?

  3. yworrydog

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  4. First you should confirm that you really do have a problem. Start by centering the windage & elevation knobs (in the middle of their adjustment range) and seeing where it shoots. If required a shim can be put under either the front or rear ring to raise or lower the scope. If it is a windage problem, Burris (and maybe others) make rings that have screws on both sides of the rings, allowing you to move the scope left or right as required.
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    No rings on this one

  6. OOPPSS - my bad! This could get real interesting, but the first part of my comment still applies - confirm you do have a problem.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    I've never heard if shimming needed for a scoped 9 mm carbine . However this is common practice on long range rifles especially when dealing with hold over

    EDIT ...

    Just read your other post showing you've got a red dot , I've never heard of or seen anyone ever need to shim a reflex red dot before

    What you need to do is figure out how many total clicks windage & elevation it takes to move the reticle all the way . Next whatever that is divide in half that will be the scopes centerpoint

    Next move the reticle either full left / right windage and count clicks to its center point , Now repeat this procedure for elevation . Next using a paper target and bore sight try and sight in your rifle to get close to zero . After that head to the range and see how your groupings look and adjust the optic as needed
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    I've cut strips of aluminum soda cans and used them to shim a scope on a 10/22. Worked well.
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    "Fishy1 I've cut strips of aluminum soda cans and used them to shim a scope on a 10/22. Worked well. "

    Thanks, if I need to do that they have to be very small so I can still get the can deposit :rofl:
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    The way most red dots are set up you would be able to shim the mount off the solid side but not off the open side of the base clamp.

    Next best idea is sticking the barrel in the fork of a tree and giving it a good tug!

    Don't laugh, I've seen it done, and have seen it work!
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    thanks everyone, now I can admit my error. After closer examination I found that the scope was sitting on some kind of bump, screw? on the rail. moved it forward, (just fit) and it is ok. Got my bore lazier yesterday and it is very close already.
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    You should be able to mount it on a screw, on a proper rail.
    HP rails are fair, maybe you can fix that hi spot if you need to!

    Updates, YworryDog?

    PS: Welcome to HPFF!