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Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Liberty, Nov 3, 2015.

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    So I keep having this idea. Yes, this is slightly political but we'll see if we can keep it civil.

    The anti-gunners are out in force. However, EVERY single time I've ever heard a story of how someone took a non-gun person shooting, including safety training, they end up loving it.

    What if we got a movement started to do exactly that? We'd need giant publicity like conservative talk show hosts or the NRA or GOA or that sort of thing to promote it eventually. Take your friend shooting day sort of thing.

    We could take the country back from the anti-gun people and help get some of our friends and relatives into guns and shooting, and help get the country safer. Promoting the heck out of gun safety courses doesn't hurt either.
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    You seem to think that the ANTI-GUNNER'S (aka AG's) are people like you and me. The AG's are an organized group of people like BHO. He was & is a community organizer. He comes up with an idea, any idea & he gathers all the UN-INFORMED (voters) to follow him & his plan until they receive their intended result. They have NO timeline, NO budget, & an UNLIMITED supply of UN-INFORMED participants?
    I hope you are getting the picture. There is NO way of putting the genie back into the bottle. What is IS. What was WAS. And what WAS can never be AGAIN!
    These ANTI-GUNNERS are a machine, they are NOT just a group of ignorant people that HATE guns!

    Repent NOW, the END is NIGH!!!

  3. Liberty

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    No, the anti-gunners are vocal and in power. I'm talking regular folks who are not pro, or against guns, but they don't have an actual context. If every gun owner turned one of THOSE in the country, we'd get rid of the anti-gunners from politics in any meaningful way.
  4. talon

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    Yes, but the anti-gunners aren't the ones who are just going to go to the range with you to realize they are wrong. Those that will, arenot anti-gunners they're simply not gun activists and there's a HUGE difference.

    Antis dont care for the facts already, more facts aren't going to change that.

    Anti-gunners are against guns, which means they're against using them. Its like saying "lets get the meat industry to put on a big promotion to show vegans how much fun a fat steak is." there not going to attend. That's what ANTI means.
  5. I think its not so much changing the anti's,they're a lost cause in my opinion.Same group that believes the man made 'climate change' hoax in my experience.I just keep my friends and family tight and they know whats going on concerning the 2nd and other issues we mostly agree on.I don't have time to argue with a hard head who may or may not enjoy shooting guns for the 1st time.
    But go for it Liberty. Never hurts to try.
  6. Bull

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    You may not sway antis..... But you can sure get fence sitters to tell antis to F off, by showing them the positives of gun ownership...
  7. Moestooge

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    All my experiences with taking newbies out for some target practice have been very positive. Let's bring more converts to our side.
  8. It also helps to use a black rifle for this so they see them as being normal rifles.

    Also, inform them that it is the duty of all able bodied Americans to have a rifle of this type.

    I do take a few of this type shooting, but only have so much time and often when I have time seems nobody right then to take.
  9. Liberty

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    Irish people shoot guns for the first time:


    The redhead is smokin' hot on top of that - she hits something. Her takeaway - guns are powerful and one should exercise care when using them, but she definitely likes them! The other guys like them too.
  10. bscar

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    A 12ga isn't the first thing I'd let new people shoot, but that's probably the only thing they could use over there.
  11. Rachgier

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    I started out the oldest boy on a 20ga and my 10/22. When he thought he was man enough to step up to something bigger I let him play with the 12ga and 3.5" shells. He decided another season of practice with the smaller guns was a good thing. Made him a much better shot when I let him run with the .308 and 4095.
  12. Most of the AR-18s(1,000s) are still there, as they didn't surface in the decommission. But you have to know the right people to shoot one and if filmed make sure you can't be IDed.
  13. Branth

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    This is a great idea. You're not gonna convince someone who is completely irrational, but most people aren't like that. Most people, given the right circumstances, will change their mind.

    A good friend of mine was (and is) a dyed-in-the-wool die-hard liberal. I'm talking Bernie Sanders liberal, probably even further left. She went shooting with me, and while she still supports burdens on ownership that I don't agree with, she's considerably more pro-gun than most of her friends now. I'm fairly confident in my ability to change her mind on registration and licensing schemes, since it's hard to logically oppose showing a $10 ID to vote in an election, and supporting hundreds of dollars in fees, waiting periods, and rigmarole to exercise another right.

    I think liberals don't think of guns as something they can use to protect themselves, but only as weapons used against them. I think they have an overinflated sense of how difficult and dangerous they are to operate, and never even consider that they could be their own best chance at protection. The people I've been able to convince almost all have a personal history of victimization that has caused them to choose to take their personal protection into their own hands. Something about being in a dangerous situation and realizing that you are the only one who is going to be able to get you out of it does wonders for one's views on gun ownership. If you can give hope and security to someone in fear for their life, you're both doing a good deed for the person, and for the rest of our community by furthering our rights.

    A lot of my friends, being college students or just out of it, are pretty broke. Many can't afford a $300 handgun, or maybe even a $150 Hi-Point. I've determined that if they needed one, I would gladly loan out one or two of my personal weapons to them if they needed one, after they jump through the required loopholes in Iowa law required to obtain one. Unfortunately, Iowa requires a permit to acquire a handgun that takes at least 3 days to get, but I'll gladly sleep on someone's couch for three days until the permit comes through and I can loan them a handgun.

    Good old Armalite. Arming the people, one tactical rifle at a time. I'd like to own an AR-180 someday.

    It's funny, but literally all of my long guns are Armalite designs, even though only one is an Armalite brand.
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    Thank you.


    Peace favor your sword,
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    I think that coming into contact with bad elements and being helpless to do anything about it is the best way for an anti-gun person to end up in the frame of mind that would allow him or her to be convinced that guns are valuable tools. My wife was born where guns are illegal, but she did have some encounters with criminal elements before I ever met her, and that is probably why she so readily took up the shooting hobby alongside me when we got married.

    In fact, she specifically has said that the anti-gunners would all change their minds if they had ever been targets of criminals. I have a hard time imagining someone surviving a dangerous criminal encounter, where no police were there to intervene, and then not wanting to have the means and training to do something about it the next time that something happened.
  16. lklawson

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    There's an old saw: "A Liberal is just Conservative who's never been mugged. A Conservative is just a Liberal who's never been arrested."

    It is a truism that life experiences affect viewpoints.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    So what do you call a guy who's been mugged and arrested for beating the mugger?
  18. lklawson

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    What? You didn't see that coming?


    Peace favor your sword,
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    On a lighter note; Ditto on the hot redhead :p

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    Ted Nugent's hunting show got pulled off Verizon cable? I don't have TV by choice, I may soon, I won't pay for it.