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How was your CCW/CHL instructor?

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I seem to have punched a hornet's nest over at ohioccwforums because I posted a thread asking about selecting a CHL class and that post included:
My main concern is that a 12-hour class is going to be a lot for my wife, and $100-125 a piece is a fair chunk of money. I do not want her (or myself) to be subjected to a class where the instructor is a 1st class A-hole like so many of the guys I have encountered at gun shops. I don't want somebody who feels the need to go on about how they hate this brand of pistol, or such-and-such is the only pistol worth the money, or ignorant political "discussion". I don't want somebody giving her crap if she uses a .22 to take the class (because the reality is she is unlikely to carry and isn't yet comfortable with larger calibers).
I'm catching a lot of flack for that, but I really don't think it's warranted. What do you all think?

Also, was your instructor a class-act or an ass-act?
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My instructor was the better of the ones available here in this area. Now that I am an instructor myself, I can tell now how bad of an instructor he really is.

He's a really good guy though, just a terrible instructor.
In Indiana we don't have to take classes to get a carry permit. That is good from a freedom standpoint. It is also bad, from a reciprocity standpoint. A lot of states don't honor the Indiana permit.
My instructor was loud, grating, shouted, and used exercise as a punishment for pretty much everything.... Then again, I used my DD214 to get my CCW.
My instructor was great. Very informative, good guy, and had good things to say about my Hi-Point at the shoot.

I think all your concerns are absolutely valid. Not that I have cornered the market on the only/best way to teach a CCW class but I'll tell you how mine goes. As I'm an Ohio instructor, I too have to stick to the 12 hour mandate. However, while the Ohio law dictates a minimum of 2 hours range time, there's nothing that disallows more than that. So we try to spend as much time on the firing line as possible. Another difference is that for the first day (we usually split the class into two six-hour days) we shoot only .22s. We supply the guns and we supply all the ammo you want. We do this so that everyone is on the same page, newbies and 'pros' alike. There's not much noise or recoil so we can work on trigger control, sight alignment, &c.

The second day we allow you to bring whatever you want. We've seen everything from .17 and .22 mouse guns up to full-house .44 Mag. We have buckets of reloaded ammo on hand; I've never heard anyone say they didn't get enough trigger time.

I keep saying 'we.' That's because my father-in-law and I almost always teach together. That way there's more interaction, a lower student-to-teacher ratio, and a safer firing line. We limit class size to about twelve or so. If I'm doing private classes or teaching solo, no more than eight. I teach private lessons to people in their own homes because it helps with spouse participation.

Finally, unless I'm doing private lessons with a small group, I limit the class fee to $75. I'm not trying to get rich, I just want as many educated people out there carrying as possible. I see that as my responsibility. If I limit that number by charging too much, I've failed as an instructor before I've even started.

Part of the NRA curriculum is a page that allows anonymous feedback from the students. We encourage them to outline in minute detail any issues they had with the course. If we can't take constructive criticism we don't belong behind a podium. Period. That goes for anyone in any industry and CCW instructors should know that.

My $.02

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My wife is also going to be taking the class with me.. My thought is, There are firearms in the house, she needs to learn how to use them also. whether she decides she wants to carry is up to her. (only time she is out w/ out me she is at work, gunfreezone) I have wondered the same things about instructors, so where we are taking our ccw/cpl I have talked to people who have been through their class already. So I am pretty sure they are good guys.. plus they are in private security, leo's and military. So they know their stuff.
So 'bridge, where do you usually teach in Ohio? I've been looking and looking for a class to take but I just can't settle on one.
You have valid concerns. My instructor was pretty cool. As for firearms selection, he did not recomend 22's, and the only comment about firearms, was when my buddy said he was going to carry his colt 25. even then all he said was,"interesting selection, I would not carry it." this was only because of the small 25 round. We even had a couple of guys carrying hi points.
stonebridge, I also would like to know where your classes are held... it would be AWESOME to be able to support somebody here on the forums, and your class sounds good to me.

I believe there were actually a few Ohio guys who said they might be interested in a group CHL class, although those things are hard to schedule.
Dude qbn, it would be sweet if we could get a group class.
I live in Carrollton, OH 44615. Our range and classroom is in Mechanicstown OH, 44651.

We've done private classes all over the area, the two largest cities near me are New Philadelphia and Canton.

Crap. That's a little too far for me unfortunately. I'm in Grove City which is on the southwestern side of Columbus.
Ouch, that is far, I'm in the Dayton/Springfield area... but I'm going to keep y'all in mind anyway.
I honestly wouldn't mind the roadtrip if it were a one day class. But two days I don't think I could really do.
I honestly wouldn't mind the roadtrip if it were a one day class. But two days I don't think I could really do.
We've done the 1-day classes in the past. Unless it's for a special purpose it can be brutal, especially if there's only one instructor, newbie students, or both.

However, I could definitely see my way clear to do a 1-day class for you guys (did I mention meals are included and I used to have a restaurant? :angel:).

All that being said, I'd much rather you guys jumped through whatever less-than-ideal hoops you have to in order to just get your CCW asap. As much as I'd love to be the one who gets your business, I'm much more interested in you getting your licenses so you can protect yourselves and your families. Just bite whatever bullets you have to.

The deep dark secret is this: since the State of Ohio endorses the NRA Basic Pistol course, that's pretty much what you're going to get regardless of where you go and how much you pay. After that, additional training is up to you. I do offer some advanced CCW classes but there's no Masters Degree in Shoot-ology so a lot of CCW training is DIY.

Get your license. Read all you can. Filter what you read. Don't buy into anyone's hype of themselves or some organization that pays them. I personally admire Clint Smith and his DVDs, while expensive, are totally worth it. Clint Smith doesn't know me from Adam, by the way. But everything I've heard him say so far makes sense.

Get some instruction. Get some more ammo. Make sure your training is always Recent, Relevant, and Realistic.

Whether it's dry fire, airsoft, range time, study, draws and presentation, whatever... commit to doing something every day that improves your CCW skills.

Good Luck!

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My cpl class was great. Can't say enough good things about them. The only real issue I had was with the leo they had in for the legal portion of the class. I was asking him about open carry and about the loop hole (I guess it's a loop hole, time will tell) about being able to open carry in gun free zones if you have a cpl. He pretty much ignored my knowledge of the law and tried to make me look like an idiot to the rest of the class. It was a clear example of forcing his opinion on the class instead of discussing the law.
You did your class at South Side didn't you?? (I think I remember you saying you did yours there) I am doing mine at Viper on the 24th. I haven't heard a bad thing about them. (viper)
Yup, southside. Great place, I didn't know till i got there that it's also Freedom Firearms, a gun shop. Lots of expensive firearms to drool over, and a few high points to drool over too. They had a c9 there that had the stainless looking strip like the 380. I guess they made a few like that awhile ago but don't offer them anymore.
Not to hi-jack this thread but I know I might be able to do a roadtrip to get the CCW..qbn, keby, and myself..there's three so far and $75 or $100 for a 12 hour day is good with me..I have 1 day of vacation left. again, sorry for going off point in this thread.
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