How Well Do Pine Cleaners Clean Brass Cases?

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    How Well Do Pine Cleaners Clean Brass Cases?

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    Nicely done. About how much of each (brass, dawn, lemishine, and water) do you use per barrel?

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    I put the BBS in first then we fill the remaining space with brass. As much as it can take but still move around. Then I add about 1/4 teaspoon of lemi shine and a drizzle of Dawn. Fill up with water and turn the thing on.

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    Boy I sure do hope that was dollar store generic Pine-Sol, since you wasted that much on something that did not exceed your old arrangement in cost or shine!!! :eek:

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    It's dual-purpose. I still use it to clean floors, toilets, etc.

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    Have you tried brasso in the tumbler yet
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    No, I haven't. I won't either because Brasso contains ammonia, which can cause "seasonal cracking" in copper and brass.

    I was rather amused when I was reading the history of "seasonal cracking" in ammunition cases. Seems that the British had significant issues with it when they were fighting in India and Africa. Apparently, it was common for them to store cases of ammunition in the barns with their horses and the ammonia from the horse urine would vaporize, deposit on the brass, and cause cracking. :)

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  8. I'm interested in how steel BBs perform vs steel pins, and how exactly you separate them from the brass.
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    I haven't used steel pins. The babies, however, work great. There do seem to be a few issues to watch out for.

    The babies are almost exactly the same size as small primer pockets. So when the power pocket is just a very small bit tight it can sometimes catch a b b which will oftentimes need to be popped out the from the other side, through the mouth of the cartridge, with a long pin. The other issue that I have found with 2 to 3 is the very narrow mouth can sometimes capture the steel BBs and jam up. Again this is pretty easy to fix. Usually just shake them out. every couple hundred cases though, they can get jammed in pretty tight. It is pretty rare, but it does happen.

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    Uhmmmmm, Kirk---doesn't using babies to clean your brass violate a couple dozen child labor laws??
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    Not in Utah.

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