How Well Do You Know.....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Hermitt, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. FlashBang

    FlashBang I Stand With Talon Lifetime Supporter

    Got all 15 correct... :D

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  2. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    ......missed 7 but the test was prejudiced against Liberals....:D
  3. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Missed 4...... Keerrap!.... Shame on me
  4. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Hey, I'm a regular ranger Rick! 15/15!

    But then...I teach geography.;)
  5. 15/15, because I'm American, and this is America.

    *Straight face.*
  6. Hermitt

    Hermitt Hey! Get Off My Lawn! Member

    I haven't been to high school for nearly 40 years..... I missed 3 on capital cities, 1 on a state bordering the Mississippi and 1 on states that the Applications run through, so really.... I'm disappointed, but not bad considering..... :p
  7. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I missed one, the capital of Arizona. I am glad that Al didn't miss any as that would make geography teachers look bad.
  8. MaryB

    MaryB Supporting Member

    missed 4, state capitols have always been my weal point, I suck at memorization of anything
  9. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    i remembered the state capitol song from Animaniacs a long time ago so i got those right. only one i missed was Mt. Rushmore's state; thought it was north dakota
  10. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    I did too....