How would this look? Dualsight

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  1. How do you think this would look on the ATI stock?


    Yukon Sightmark Laser Dual Shot Reflex Sight SM13002
  2. I have a halo sight like that on mine. It does not have the laser though. it is small enough. Not sure how the laser would look though......

    I would be more worried about the function of it. I have never seen alot of luck with the cheap lasers....

    I will post pics of my set up tomorrow.

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    If you have the ATI stock I'd recommend the ATI laser to go with it. It's not all that great in the daylight, but then again I have NEVER seen a laser that works well in a sunny day. It works great inside or in low light conditions though.
  4. Im adding the Moerse shroud


    so an inside the barrel mounted laser is not an option
  5. i think it looks great..

    im going to put a laser on my 995, just for those occasions in the past where i have heard noises outside, and had to go out to my barn in the middle of the night wearing boxers anf flipflops with nothing but a maglite to check on my equipment and atv's.

    in that situation, a laser is going to come in real handy.. for quick and positive aim of the weapon its mounted on, and for the psychological effect it would have on a person - if i ever did catch someone trying to make off with my bobcat or one of our four wheelers - im sure that little red dot would be very intimidating..

    and for what its worth, everything i have read on laser sighting systems so far has reinforced my initial impression that lasers are simply intended for use at close quarters.. either indoors , or in low light conditions.

    so someone who is disappointed that they cant use a laser at 100 yards on a beach in the middle of the day is the same person who is upset that their dog cant answer the phone or do their taxes

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  6. I think it looks good. I'd put it on mine.
  7. Might work out just fine, maybe not. Wont know till you try, and of course toss up some photos.