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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by Baba_Brad, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Well, actually from Spring.

    I've owned several pistols, but due to being downsized and unemployed, I have had to let them go. Bersas, RIA, Detonics, and a few others. But recently I acquired some extra funds and wanted to carry again. So, I bought a Hi Point CF380 last week. I was hesitant to buy one, I admit it. But I read enough good reviews to say that for $150, what could I lose? I've gotta admit, I like my 380. I toot it to the range and put 100 rounds through it with no problems at all.

    Yes, it's heavy. But my Detonics and RIA were as well. My only two complaints so far are the fact the dis assembly for cleaning is not user friendly, and that holster selection is practically nil. Luckily for me, I make my own out of leather. But, I do want something like the Fobus paddle that I can slip on and off. I'll figure out something soon enough I reckon.
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    The Fobus is a good holster, you can get them online for a lot less than retail. Welcome to the asylum from North Texas.

  3. Welcome aboard BabaBrad. My oldest Son lives in Houston,building roads.Been there less than a year,from Michigan.The heat is taking some time for him to get used too!
    I got my new Fobus holster and HP 'wood grain' grips in the mail today for my JHP.I got the standard belt holster.Too big to conceal anyway,except maybe under a heavy winter coat.
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    Welcome from Colorado. I spent some time in Houston town re-writing QC inspection cards for some of Continental Airlines aircraft. Just couldn't handle living in Denver and working in Houston. Neither could the wife, so I quit.

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    Check out the 40% off Remora Labor Day sale it might end this weekend.

    Welcome to the board!
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    Welcome from Las Vegas!
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    Welcome to the forum from ND
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    Welcome to the forum from Florida.
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    You could have moved you know. :D
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    Hello and welcome from Indiana! :) I'm sure you should be able to find a Fobus paddle holster for your CF380...I have one for my JHP.