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New member here. I am the proud owner of a 995 for the last 5 months and I like it alot. It fills the need between my Remington 870 Express and Bersa Thunder .380

I run Winchester 124 gr FMJ thru it and have never had problem with it. It is nice and light. My 870, as much as I love it, weighs a ton when fully armed. Although you can't argue with the punch, it's hell on close quarter home defense situations. The 995 is perfect and doesn't sap the stamina. It also doesn't try to dislocate the shoulder. Yet it delivers round after round on target with high energy and repetition.

Distance shooting is fun too! I hope to include some optics and maybe red dot aboard.

I was checking out the counter at our local farm & garden (& firearms GBA!) and spotted it. I couldn't believe the price. How could a quality arm be so low? The counterguy said that they couldn't keep them in stock for long, that they were going out the door like mad. So I forked over. A great decision. I see I'm not alone in my thinking after looking around the forum.

I think I may be going for the .40 although I like the Hi-Point .45 pistol as well.

Anyway, greetings!

Here is the family...

Remington 870 Express, Hi-Point 995 Carbine, (R to L) Bersa Thunder .380, Powerline 15XT, Crossman Pro77
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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