Howdy - newbie to Hi-Point Carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by DaSOB, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. DaSOB

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    Hey, folks -

    This is my first time on this forum, and I'm pleased to be here. I just bought a 4095 carbine off a rack at a gun show for $140 and want to get the low-down on it and Hi-Points in general.

    The weapon I got looks like it may have had a little light use, otherwise it appears new. To me, it has a "brutishly-beautiful" look. It's maybe a little rough around the edges, but it seems to be well made - a lot like Russian milsurps. I appreciate that in a gun.

    I've heard a lot of bad press about Hi-Point weapons, mostly from dealers who seemed to be more interested in selling me a higher-priced gun. What is the real truth about the quality of these weapons?

  2. Gramps

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    They shoot well, generally don`t give trouble and if they do, send them in and they will be fixed.


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I have a 4095 also. You'll love it in fact at this time I have 5 mags for it just remember you know have the least exspensive evil black assault weapon ever made :wink: :D
  4. DaSOB

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    Thanks, guys. I hope to burn some ammo with it tomorrow. Got a box of Wolf when I bought the gun, but I'll probably go get some Winchester or something over at Evil Wally. I've heard mixed reviews on Wolf, but the Win seems to please everyone.

    I've ordered a compensator to stick on the barrel to make the gun look a little meaner. Hey, if it will give Sarah Brady the willies, I'm gonna do it!!

    I'll post my impressions after I bust off a few tomorrow.

    Thanks again!

    BTW shooter z - I have a short clip of some Klingon music I can send you if you want it. Sounds pretty cool!
  5. Hurry up and post some pics b4 someone sics R. Lee Ermey on you!

    Nice grab. I like my 4095. It has eaten and spit out every round.
  6. The 4095 is a good carbine, and like the 995 carbine, is a dependable gun that gives little trouble and loads of fun
  7. Newbies, when will they EVER learn..... :roll:


    J/K bro! Grats on the new gun and let us know what you think after you break her in. Welcome to the forum, we're glad you're here.
  8. JasonJ

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    both the 4095 and 995 are really fun carbines. they almost seem like dangerous toys in the way they feel.. but after firing it you get reaffirmation that this IS indeed a deadly firearm.

    if yours is used, it should perform fine, however if it doesnt, call Hi-Point.. unless you get the 1 not so super friendly lady, they'll take care of you like a concierge doing your every whim.
  9. DaSOB

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    OMG!! I have transgressed and got Th' Gunny on my newbie butt!! LOL!!

    Seriously, I'm pleased to have found a forum dedicated specifically to Hi-Point firearms. The fact that this forum exists puts paid to the notion that Hi-Point firearms are junk.

    I'm outta pocket for a few days to dine on obscene amounts of turkey and other collateral stuff. I'll get a pic of my new toy online soon as I get back to the hacienda. Once the comp gets here, I'll post another pic.

    Yep, I'm pretty pleased with my acquisition. I had been thinking about a 4095 for a while, just was holding back and hoping to find a "pre-owned" one. I and my girlfriend had gone to a gun show (yes, she likes gun shows!!) and we stumbled up on this one for $140. Sold, on the spot!

    Some people think the carbines are butt-ugly, but I think they're brutishly cool looking. Ain't nothin' else that looks just like 'em - they look like they belong in some sci-fi movie or something. Ya hold one and you just wanna imagine yourself taking out Imperial Storm Troopers on the Ewoks' planet!

    I'm looking forward to the 4595, whenever it is that it finally comes out. When it does, I'm gonna be the first in line at every local gun show to try to get one!

    I'm off to strap on the feed bag and hopefully do some shooting. I'll post my impressions later on.

    BTW, just informationally, I live in Louisiana and am ex-USAF (1973-77). I'm an 03, got a room full of milsurps and Evil Black Rifles.
  10. HPHooked

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    Welcome to the 40 side of the force, DaSOB.

    I have the 4095 also. It makes a great truck gun along with 4 extra loaded mags and a spare box of ammo.

    Be warned, though, that you will find yourself at the local ammo depot spending a lot of money to feed that beast. It's just so darn fun to shoot soda cans, shaving cream cans, gallon jugs of colored water, etc. with the 4095. You get very satisfying results when they get hit with 165gr FMJ or JHP bullets. :lol:

    Have fun and stay safe with the new gun.
  11. DaSOB

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    Amen to that, HPH! I got out and ran a few rounds through it today, and it's one sweet little shooter! Very accurate, too - offhand in a standing position it can easily put 10 rounds into a 3" circle at 25 yards. And that's rapid fire. The design of the weapon puts the barrel centerline very close to the shoulder, so there is very little muzzle rise. It's easy to re-acquire the target and tap off another one.

    Yeah, I can see that I'm gonna need to invest in several boxes of ammo of varying brands to see which one it likes best. I'm also gonna need to pick up some more mags - stopping to reload the one mag kinda cuts down on the fun!
  12. HPHooked

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    Let ya in on a secret. That little carbine is pretty darn accurate with every brand of ammo I've tried. Even the lead truncated cone reloads wind up in the 8 - 10 ring of a b-27 silhouette at 50 yards. All in all, a nice little carbine for a "Get Me Home When SHTF" situation. 8)