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    I don't have a HP 380, my primary conceal weapon is a KelTec P32 and I also carry an older H&R revolver in 32 Long. I'm thinking the HP 380 is too big to carry. I love my HP 40, it was the first new hand gun I bought. It's great for taking in the woods and pretty accuate at the range. The 380 intrigues me because you don't see many small calibers like 25, 32 and 380 as full size pistols. I think it would be pretty accurate because it's a small round and the gun is pretty heavy compared to other 380's

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    Stop by WM on the way to pick up your 26 oz CF-380, and grab a pair of suspenders! You will need them?

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    If you get one of the holsters that consist of a large leather pad with two clips, and a kydex holster riveted to it, you can carry the C9 or CF380 very comfortably.

    Mine is a K holster, there are other brands, they all work well.

    This is my CZ, the C9 works the same.

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    What ample said. A good holster and a good belt and you are good to go. Get a belt that is somewhat wide with a stiffiner in it.
  5. The HP 380 is the only handgun I currently have and could afford being retired on a fixed income. I carry it around the house, when on a walk around the neighborhood and when going to Walmart. It is heavy. I don't have a problem carrying it even if I am almost 70 and small frame. A strong belt and good holster works for me. I would like to get the 9mm someday as the ammo is cheaper. The HP 380 has been great at the range and I'm happy I got it.