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  1. Hey guys. maybe this has been asked before but I was wondering if I am correct that the 40 and the 45 pistols are not available in a comp configaration ? If so, why might this be ? Also, why does the magazine have to have that extra length at the bottom ? Is it to allow more cartridges in the mag. ? Thanks
  2. The website http://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/handguns/40sw/hi_point_40sw.html shows it with a 10 shot mag standard. That would be why there's extra length. Even the .380 and 9 mags are longer on the 10 shot magazines.

  3. The JCP40 and JHP45 pistols already have the spot to put a laser on, which is the main advantage of the C9 Comp over the C9 IMO
  4. Makes sense. Thanks for reply
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    Now why didn't Hi-Point make a doublestack and get rid of the ugly magazine buttpad.
  6. I would like a 8 round mag with out the booty!! The JCP 40 is hard enough to conceal with out the huge mag! Do they offer a 8rd mag?
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    I don't know about you guys but I need that little extra that the mag extension gives as my hands are quite large.