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    I've had my hp40 for some time now. Just purchased a used Taurus PT92 (9mm w/17rnd mag) with Hogue grips last week and went to the range on Sat. The PT92 feels great in my hand and I understand why some say the Hp's feel like a brick. I love the safety and how easy it is to field strip the PT92 .

    After firing my Taurus, I fired a few mags of 40 through the Hp. The recoil of the HP felt very light compared to the 9mm in the Taurus. I was more acurate with the HP then the Taurus and even moved the target back to 25yds for some shots with the HP.

    I love my Taurus but after firing it, I'm starting to love my HP even more. If I had to get up in the middle of the night and fend off an intruder, I might have to pause and decide which weapon to take into battle.



    4 trillion posts on the old site :lol: :D
  2. Welcome hpman, we're glad you're here.

    Good review on the Hi-Point, we all love ours too.

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    Welcome aboard
  4. Thats easy pick up that HP and have the mofo walk in and have the meat wagon take him out :lol:

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    ive shot many types of pistols and my .45 hi point a better shooter than most of the guns ive shot... hi points may not be well balanced and feel light in your hand but truth it at 32 ounces a hi point is lighter than a lot of guns out there.
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    Thanks for all the welcomes, however, I've been on the board for quite sometime. Just haven't posted anything since the forum meltdown.

    I guess my previous posts weren't that memorable. :eek:

    The HP 40 was my first pistol and I love it. I never knew shooting could be some much fun and now I'm addicted. I keeping thinking about how much ammo I have on hand just in case the SHTF. Keep a mini BOB in my car and constantly think about my next gun purchase.

    Hpman :D