HP 995TS...2 year old

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by boicecf, Feb 15, 2016.

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    I bought my 996TS about 2 years ago and put possibly about 900 rounds (assorted brands) down range with it. I can definitely say that the more I fire it the better it gets...I never had an serious problems with it and recently I have had none...the 50 yard groups keep getting tighter the more I shoot it... I would have no issues recommending someone purchase this weapon~
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    ...are you saying YOURS is "for sale" :D :rofl:

    Glad you Love It!

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    You're kidding right? He hasn't even broken it in yet.
  4. Glad you like it:) I have a 995TS on order. Is your carbine stock... or have you added some accessories??
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    The only modifications I have made were replacing the upper and lower plastic tactical rails with black anodized machined aluminum rails and adding a bipod & 4X tactical scope! It came with a laser sight, front grip, and tactical flashlight that I have never used!

    Enjoy the new toy!


    PS: As asked above,,it is not for sale
  6. I called my gun dealer the other day and he got a fully loaded 995 in as store stock (grip, laser etc). He wanted almost 400 bucks for it. I told him I'll wait for my "bone stock" 995 TS. I want to be able to make this little carbine fit my needs and just "keep it simple":):) I like my guns and fat chicks simple:rofl::rofl: