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I just pick my 995 up this week, and my DAD bought one the next day but that was all there was in a 100 mile radius, and it is imposible to find a 4095. Now I talked to a Hi-Point dealer and he told me he called to Hi-Point and they told him that they are so back ordered on the 995 that they arn't switching over to build the 4095's now just wondering if there is any truth to it? They also told him that they were planning on the release of the Unicorn (4595) in August but if it is true that they are that far back ordered then there is no posible way that this happens. Now this is all second-hand information so take it with a grain of salt but I do know I cannot find a 4095 in michigan and I want one bad. I have a 995, C9, and a JCP 40 and I want the matching 4095
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