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I've been looking at the components on my 4945 and wondering what can break or be lost* on a carbine while trying to repair or clean it in the field.

I may cross-post this one in the Carbine Forum to get some ideas on what common components members have had to break.

Next question, does the Mother-ship offer a field repair kit?

Here is what I envision in a Carbine Field Repair Kit:
ADJ/Take-down tool
Operating handle
Take-down pin(s)
Firing pin
Firing pin spring
Firing pin assist spring
Bolt retainer
Receiver clip (stock to receiver clip)
Guide pin (buffer)
Recoil spring (buffer spring)

I haven't thought much about the the field repair of the HP pistol; that would be a nice to have, too.

*Seriously, the WHOLE gun can be lost, but I'm thinking about a tear down in less than ideal conditions. In SHTF types of conditions.

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I'm not too familiar with the HP carbines. But in general with any firearm, you want a spare for every moving part and every spring, and maybe two extra firing pins and recoil springs.
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