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I called the factory about my safety and he told me the following.
He said to put the safety in the down position; then to bend it outwards until satisfied. I tried that (very carefully) and I could not bend it out enough to where I could still operate the safety consistantly; about 40% of the time I would miss the safety. Since my C9 is carried concealed for self defense I felt I could not depend on it due to the safety; and the safety was actually placing my life in danger. I called the factory again and the guy I talked to said that they were not aware of the problem....unbelievable!
Even though I really like my C9 I was going to dump it for something I could depend on. Other than this safety issue I have found the factory and everyone connected to Hi Point to give great customer service; so i was really surprised when the dodo I talked to said he had not heard of a problem with the safety. It's good to hear that others have also have an issue with the safety.

Now comes this excellent idea. I will be at my parts store as soon as they open. Thanks for posting this.

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