HP.., please make a .22

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  1. squeak_D

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    Hi-Point, could we PLEASE get a .22 in either the carbine or pistol form? That's such an inexpensive cal for plinking. Your guns are already very affordable, and to have one in a .22 would be great.
  2. vallen

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    Yes, but it's hard to beat what's already out there. Ruger already makes the most popular gun in america at or below the HP price point, which could even be had from wally world @ $185. They would have too much competition from legacy products.

    I'd rather HP keep chuggin with what they have. Increasing production line for a new caliber would spell out big drawbacks for a small company trying to swim amongst the big guys.

  3. JasonJ

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    a 357sig pistol would be my choice as a next "practical" HP firearm.

    could use most of the same componants as the 40cal.. save HP alot of money in production for sure.

    a 22, as cool as that would be..there are so many out there now. however, a GOOD 22lr pistol is still $250+. my buckmark STILL sells for nearly $300 and its the base model camper..

    i used to think a 22 HP would be the cats meow.. but really.. not so much. i mean it would.. but it wouldnt.. ya know.
  4. dont really see it happening because the market is full of inexpensive .22's as it is. the time and money spent on R&D, re-tooling, advertising would just drive up the end cost of the product and the other HiPoint lines as well. Still it would be nice to have a .22lr HiPoint but I am not holding my breath for one either.
  5. JasonJ

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    it would have to be sub-$100. only way to be competitive.. and with rimfire ammo being notoriously unreliable as far as consistant fires..

    it would need to be on par quality wise with my Browning, a Ruger, S&W, etc.. would be very hard.

    thats why i think 357sig is an obvious choice if they were to make another pistol caliber. its close enough to 9mm and 40cal that the tooling and many parts would be interchangable.

    heck.. they could take the 40cal and put a different barrel/chamber on it and adjust the extractor and mag lips and call it good.. more or less.
  6. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    There were designs floating about of a HP22...I would love one.their designs were good too...
  7. griff30

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    Why not an NAA .25? basically a 32ACP necked down to .25
  8. unwired

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    yep, would love a HP type 22 carbine and pistol

    -we settled on a mossberg 702 and a walther p22 both really good but would rather have supported a 100% American product
  9. Good idea but it wouldnt be worth their time, .22's are so inexpensive they've have to sell them for 50 bucks, they wouldnt make any money.
  10. I was just thinking now if they came out with a 50 caliber that would be something. :)
  11. Uraijit

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    If they made a .50 cal out of pot metal, I'd be scared to shoot it....
  12. .357 SIG isn't a bad idea... I was wracking my brain for other potential "plausible" calibers, but nothing really popped into mind.
  13. JMcDonald

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    I think as far as .22s they could do a 995-style .22. That is, with the magazine inside the grip. This would shorten the rifles considerably (4-5" easily with the same capacity, LOP and barrel length). My 995 is 28.5" and the shortest my GF's plinkster is going to get is about 32" with a heavily shortened LOP (and cutting the barrel down to ~16"). A 28.5" .22 would be perfect for my GF.

    And, Id really like an HP .22 pistol. Even if they were the same price as other budget .22 pistols on the market, Id still buy an HP over something else to support such a good company. My GF wants a .22 pistol, though, to go with her rifle.
  14. I would buy a .22 pistol from hipoint, yeah there is alot of them out there, but how many have Hi-point quality service?
  15. I would buy a .22 pistol from hi point in a New York minute! I want a .22 semiauto for cheaper practice and plinking, but can't afford the $250+ that the quality options currently available cost.
  16. JasonJ

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    the beretta Neos is closer to $200 new.. dont forget you can also buy a used 22 as well.
  17. As for .22 pistols: heck yes. Both Phoenix and Jimenez make small, blowback .22s with an MSRP aroung the same price as that of the .380 or C9. I own both an HP-22 and a Jennings J-22 and enjoy 'em, but would bet that a similar offering by HP would be superior. And presumably HP could build something for the same price as a C9.

  18. Glock has found that .357 Sig is too hot of a round to be shot from their standard .40 S&W frame. I have a couple of Cop friends that have broken their frames shooting the .357 Sig conversion on that standard frame. Muzzle velocity, bore pressure are significantly increased when you neck down a standard caliber to a smaller projectile. On the Glocks, the frame tabs that hold the slide to the frame of the gun would break under the increased pressure. The Alamogordo PD/DPS have since discontinued the use of any .357 Sig converted Glock in exchange for the more standard .40 S&W cartridge.
  19. ajole

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    NE Utah
    One more vote for a .22

    I have a Walther P22, and I would really prefer something that didn't cost more than $300, didn't spit empty cases at my forehead, and didn't have that silly spring near the trigger that connects the trigger with the rest if the action, and makes it impossible to use double action when it starts to wear out. I think Hi-point could do it, and I'd bet money I don't even have, that they could sell 'em, even at the $150-175 price point; with the HP adjustable sights and a mounting rail like the JCP/JHP, they'd be a great deal! And you all know darn well they could sell one to every person who ever bought a Hi-Point in any other caliber; the fever wouldn't skip the .22! Speaking of which, I just ordered my C9 comp two weeks ago...

    And about a .22 cal 995 clone...look at what the other carbines out there cost this summer. I bought a Mossberg Plinkster for $108 at Wally world for my son, nice and short and light; but there is no "cool looking" .22 like a .22 cal 995 would be; except after-market 10/22 set-ups, the Remington 597 Yellow jacket, and the Walther G22, all of which are going to be over $300 new; in fact the Rem and Walther should be over $500. A $250 HP .22 (called the 225?) would definitely sell. The Browning Buckmark carbine is another idea, but it has an MSRP over $600!

    Here's a thought, what if they started making a survival gun like Savage used to do, an over/under shotgun/rifle carbine like the model 24? Would a 410 work in a blowback system? And could you use a semi-auto system at all with barrels sitting on top of each other? I get visions of one mag sticking out the top or side like the Bren and Sten from WW2...

    OK, I'd better stop now and get something cool to drink before I go too far.
  20. surfzombie

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    I was just thinking today that I would love to see a pistol and a rifle both in .22lr by Hi-Point. Make them look just the same as the C9 and the 995 carbine. Price them the same range. I would buy both in a heart beat. I already have a S&W 22a, Phoenix Hp22 and a Heratige rough rider 22 cowboy style single action. I've been looking at the Walter p22 and the Sig Mosquito but the price is to high.. I bought my Smith back in 2003 when they were $150.00 new w/4in barrel. Do it!! I bet they will sell better than you think.