HP vs S&W Sigma

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    Not wanting to start any bashing on Sigmas but I thought this was an interesting statement from from US Concealed Carry mag I just got.
    " Valuable Wisdom from a 20-year Peace Officer "
    "I discovered that Highpoint pistols will outshoot the Smith and Wesson SIGMA every time. " "RK Campbell is a writer with twenty years police experience. He holds a degree in criminal justice and has studied firearms and their use for nearly forty years. He is the author of three books and over six hundred articles, columns, and reviews."
    Let the dance begin :)))))))
  2. interesting....

  3. I have both and in my experience that is total BS. The Sigma is a far superior weapon in every way.
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    I don't find that shocking at all. My JHP might be the best shooter I have.
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    the sigma is a very nice pistol for the cash, its by no means the quality of an XD, Glock, or other $500+ pistols, but i can see how the blowback fitted barreled hi-point could shoot as accurately.
  6. if it goes pow every time you pull the trigger how can it be seen as inferior?
    hi points are good firearms.
  7. My Sigma never jams, its mags never fall out for no reason, its's mags hold far more rounds and it shoots more accurately than both HP's I have owned therefor it is, to ME, a superior weapon.

    That being said, I like my HP, but only as a plinking gun. I would trust my life to the Sigma though.
  8. and thats cool. we all have our opinions and personal experiences. i have never owned a sigma, just some rugers and a couple taurus'. what you are saying could very well be true. i still like those hi points though.... :D
  9. I haven't shot a Hi-Point pistol for accuracy in so long that I couldn't say one way or another. I hope to have a JCP .40 S&W Hi-Point here soon, so I will do a comparison test on them. I do have a S&W 9VE Sigma and I do love that pistol even with the crappy trigger.
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    sounds like someone might look into the cs dept atHI-Point as I have had none of the problems listed with my c9, and yea I carry it without concern cause it works evrytime I pull the trigger and hits what it is aimed at very well
  11. c9 more accurate

    The Sigma is a "better" firearm all around. However, my c9 was more accurate than my Sigma sw9ve.
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    Re: c9 more accurate

    If the C9 was more accurate, how was the Sigma a better firearm...??? Do you mean it was lighter, more concealable, or what...??? Just curious....so don't take it the wrong way...??? Cuz to me, an accurate firearm is the BEST thing you can have....when its time to shoot, I want my BULLETS to find the target I was aiming at...
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    lighter, more concealable, more inherant reliability, better fit and finish, etc.

    however if both go bang hit within the general POA then both are adequate..

    in the same way my rusted out 2.0 powered ranger from 1985 can get me to work everyday.. and so does my dads cadillac but duh thecaddy is so much nicer all around.

  14. Interesting......................................
  15. What JasonJ said.
    I like the C9 very much. It is more accurate than the Sigma. But the Sigma is built with better materials, has a hi cap mag, looks nicer, and goes bang everytime like the C9. I'd rather carry the Sigma. But if I was going to shoot a qualification match, my C9 would have been better. (Your mileage may vary!)
  16. last weekend while i was in the range trying out their guns(my c9 is at shop). after trying few 1911, i get bore and miss my c9, so i ask the range officer is they have anything "interesting"? he told me that i pretty much try out most their "good" guns, if i want to try out one of their "bad" gun. than he show me sigma. that was the first time i saw sigma and hold it in my hand. i told him, it looks identical to a glock. he than take the sigma's slide off and put on a g17's slide, and told me that he can't let me shoot with it but sigma is s&w's glock clone and all glock part will fit on the sigma. so being a glock fan, i ask, if sigma is a glock clone how can it be a "bad" gun? he put the slide back on and tell me "shoot and see for yourself." i did, can i can't believe how tight it's trigger was. i ask him, was that a joke? or did i miss some kind of hidden safety? "nope, that's their stock trigger. the accuracy is ok, over all feel kind like a glock but way cheaper. i could be wrong, but some how feel it's lot louder compare g17. anyway, no matter how i shoot, i can't get around of its horrible trigger.

    Nowonmai, did you do anything to sigma's trigger? or is there any replacement trigger job can make sigma trigger pull like a glock? i mean, the price is good, over all feel like a glock. if it can have the same trigger pull like glock, i'll considering getting one.
  17. I disassembled the gun and polished all the sear/striker related parts, that in itself helped the trigger pull greatly. If you do not feel comfortable taking your guns apart I would not recommend doing it your self, in that instance take it to a professional you feel comfortable with and have them do it. They do make replacement springs for the sear but I have no experience with them and, as with all spring mods, reliability may suffer. Basically, do what you feel safe doing.