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  1. hpman

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  2. Thanks for the update, I like the new site.

  3. 9mmXfactor

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    looks nice. and by the way, i like the avatar. if you ever decide to lose it, let me know i'll take it over :D
  4. HPHooked

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    Nice website. Only thing is they show a picture of the C9 for the full size .40 S&W pistol. Other than that, it's a much improved look over the old site.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Also if you note in the contact section they have a form you can fill out and print and send in with your weapon if you need repairs I like that. It makes it so easy. WAY TO HI POINT!! :D
  6. HOLY crap :mrgreen: I hope the picture of the new .40S&W is what it is going to actually look like (c9) if so im so picking one up 8)
  7. Ridge

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    Looks much better! :) The old site felt straight out of 1998! :D
  8. Great looking website. I like the updates to all the weapons listings too. Great job Hi-Point.
  9. I like the fact you can order accessories online.
  10. Nice new look, but there seems to be some problems on the accessories page. I see a couple of pics not showing and they have the muzzle brake for the 9mm carbine listed as fitting a 9mm pistol

    But at least the .45 mag now shows as holding only 9 rds, not 10 ;)
  11. I like the fact that they have high resolution pictures of their lineup.
  12. hpman

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    Yes, an all around improvement over the last site. I noticed several errors but I'm sure they'll soon be fixed especially if they is anyone from HP lurking on HPFF.
  13. Ari

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    Good eye! they goofed it up
  14. Definitely a cool look. Classy like their products.
  15. Oooh! And two of the _carbine_ accessories listed are: "Laser and mount
    for 40 & 45" and "Laser, compensator & mount for 40 & 45". Now, where's the 45?