HPFF is looking for a new "style"

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  1. Alrighty guys heres whats up. I personally think we need a change as far as the "style" of the forum. But I cant find a color scheme that "fits" us.

    So im going to let you guys try and decide. Majority rules of course. Were running phpBB 2. Do a google search for phpbb styles and you should be able to pull some up. Link me to the ones you like and we'll test run them to see how they work for us.

    Thanks guys! ;)
  2. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    Artemis Blue is cool...
    Download Here
    I like this one...
    Morpheus Xtreme Blue
    Download Here
    OOOOOH!!!! AcidTech- EX!!! There's 2 styles to use, AcidTech w/ a floated center and AcidTech EX with it going almost to the edge like these forus are... My Vote is for AcidTec EX.
    Download Here

  3. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    actually i prefer it as is. the only thing that would be nice is a icon next to a thread that shows if youve posted in it or not. We dont want to be an "edgy" colored forum like every other on the net do we?

  4. Thanks for the suggestions strangerous.

    SW its up to you guys. If the majority prefers the way we are then we'll stick with this scheme.
  5. Actually I like it the way it is too Jones, have got used to it and all just my .02 cents
  6. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    I like the way the forum is now. It is simple, effective, to the point.
  7. it is easy on the eyes.It is fine the way it is.

  8. The more smiple the better in my opinion.
  9. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    He personally thinks we need a change as far as the "style" of the forum. But he can't find a color scheme that "fits" us. I'm trying to help the forum owner out by finding alternate styles/color schemes.

    Jones, what do you do when the majority wants it to stay like it is, but you personally think we need a change in "style"? Which one rules, The "Keep it the same" or "Change is refreshing, I vote for style X" majority?
  10. I'm happy with what we have, and so far none of the above caught my eye, but I'm open to change. I'd suggest my own but not sure where/what to look for.
  11. I don't care what you guys decide to do HOWEVER keep this basic style as a chooseable option for people like me who despise colorful forums (aka Arfcom, yuck!)

    I love the simple yet easy to read forums like this one.
  12. panoz77

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    I'm thinking a good ol USA red white and blue theme would fit the forum well being that HiPoint is an all USA made product and proud of it.
  13. Mike_AZ

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    PHPBB allows you to load several styles and let each user choose which style they want through their profile options. This is how it works on another board I frequent and I like that because I'm not a fan of the default style of that board. I would suggest that method of "upgrading" the board.
  14. +1

    There are like 4 choices in the profile section, but no matter what I choose, it comes up the same.
  15. I find this one the easiest to read.
  16. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I agree we need to keep at least something the same: We dont need to have the latest Hi speed Low drag looking forum out there. As long as it is readable, and functional, I say leave it be.