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  1. Has anyone noticed a slightly slower load time when clicking on a new topic link on the HPFF? Other forums I visit loads up as always but for some reason when I open a post on HPFF it takes a couple seconds longer for the page to load and some times I even have to refresh due to a "can not find page" error.

    Have checked my main PC, internet connection, router connection, speed check on net, router and NIC's and everything is where its supposed to be. This problem exist on all three of my PC's... HP desktop running XP, Dell laptop with XP and my hobby room Linux box which has several Linux OS's I can run from. I did clean my cache's, history, temp folders, in fact I have the desktop and my Linux box set up to do this upon exit, so I know its not coming from cached files on my PC's.

    As I said, this is a problem I am having with the HPFF but not with any other forums I go to.

    Another issue I noticed is with the Java chat client Jones set up for the forum. Sometimes it will be lagged so bad that it may take 20-30 seconds for a message to appear in the chat windown after hitting enter! Wonder if these two problems are related?

  2. andrew241

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    I am having slow responses with the forum as well. It could be a couple different things. Something as simple as a message resync could fix it. I have faith in the guys.

  3. Nothing different for me.
  4. andrew241

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    as of now I am connecting good. It could have been an issue with the hosting site, I have my forum and website up with the same company you guys do.
  5. On the chat room, I have had problems with lag... On the forum not at all. I don't know what to tell you RFH.
  6. Yea the chat lags like a mofo for me, and everyone else I guess, but site seems fine.
  7. AGuyNamedMike

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    Site is slow loading for me this morning.
  8. I've noticed some lag on a few topics, especially ones that have a bunch of pictures posted in them, but by and large the forum loads pretty fast.
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    I wonder if all the Animated Avatars and Sigs have anything to do w/ it...

    If i were to post 30 consecutive animations in this post [imagine 30 animations right here]I've got a feeling this page would slow down considerably...

    makes no difference to me though as I us Mozilla w/ ImageLikeOpera to kill all the images except for the ones i want to see....might be worth a shot for you guys w/ a lot of lag.

    I use it on my work computer to kill all those NSFW images including Guns.