HPs going to incenerator!

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    I was watching a show on Spike TV called 'DEA'. On two seperate episodes, they bust armed drug dealers armed wtih none other than HPs. It seems the weapon of choice for Detroit smack dealers is the HP C9. I almost threw up a little when I thought about these guns getting destroyed while we are actively searching for reasonably priced firearms. They were just sitting there with there beautiful slides locked back looking defensless, while they were being exploited by the camera people. :cry: I wish I could adopt them, I would take really good care of them.

    (this is not meant as any offense to our Michigan members, I'm just in pain for the C9s)
  2. :(. Yeah, seriously. Reminds me of this, a pic taken right before a steamroller went over 'em.


  3. I guess destroying poor defenseless weapons gives TPTB a feeling of power .
  4. as a former detroiter, no offense taking, but "the dealers"" weapons of choice there is whatever they can get their hands on. you must have a permit to purchase, and the low level dealers are usually "dirty" and would never go the police station to obtain a purchase permit.

    destroying those beautiful C9's are a waste.. they could have sold them to the forum members here, and we could have given them a good home... :D
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    I just don't get it.
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  7. They don't seem to get that they're actually helping HP by destroying them! Instead of increasing supply and thus reducing demand, they're reducing the current supply, thus increasing demand. End result: HP has that much more job security :). In that light it doesn't look so bad...
  8. The typical punish the gun instead of the the gun owner for the crime BS
  9. It doesn't matter how hard or how many times you try to pound it into their heads that the underlying problem of gun violence is the person(s) using them to commit crime. They_will_never_get_it.
  10. I think I saw the "coming up next on DEA..." spot. They flashed a 995/4095. My g/f and I just looked at eachother and smiled lol. It was a "heyyyyyyyyyyyy, I recognize you..." moment.
  11. Indeed. Think of the cash that could be raised for various police department uses that could be raised by selling them.

  12. i saw that episode, and yes it was a hp carbine.
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    I saw both those episodes. The one lady dealer had a C9 and a 995.
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    oh dear god, that makes a grown man want to just fall down and cry like a little girl :cry:
  15. When they finally outlaw machetes, only outlaws will have machetes. Of course, I'll still have my C9!
  16. and what about when they outlaw baseball bats? Golf clubs? hammers? pool sticks? pipe wrenches? wiffle ball bats? cans of spinach? anything can be used to commit violence against another person. in the hands of a person who wishes to inflict bodily harm against another, anything is a weapon. the idiots that scream and cry about baning guns don't care, they either have fully armed security escorts, or are being brainwashed by those same people. If you listen closely you can actually hear the "baa-ing" of the sheeple selling their souls and essential liberties for the illusion of security.