HTA Bullpup Chassis

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    Mind - there's no reason RedBall couldn't do that now, but that follower would not be easy to engineer to feed rounds up that long single stack tube.
  2. Well youre correct, and it also would be feasible for a drum setup too but again its the grips and follower design thats an issue... however since HTA is making the bullpup stock, it would be less challenging to engineer a magazine that is singlestack only where the receiver is and double below it... tho it would be similar to the mak/imez magazine in operation with double follower and two springs.

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    too bad that would never work for a lefty
  4. brass deflector box is all I can offer as an option, it seems you can have charging handle on either side up front, but its the ejection that needs work.

    EDIT: it looks possible to construct a sort of trunk/cheek pad where the ejection port would be, and bolt it there where the receiver halves bolts are...... but I'm not sure how one feels about the brass hitting the cheek pad underside while firing...and if there should be an out of battery misfire... :eek:
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    High Tower says it'll be lefty friendly. I'm guessing brass deflector.
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    I like me some 995 and love me a good bullpup so this is looking pretty good but if I were a lefty I'd pass for sure.
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    Andy from HTA here! Thanks for all the buzz and kind remarks guys! We really appreciate it and look forward to being able to bring this to market for you as quickly as possible! If you have any questions, feel free to post them here and if you're interested in this kit, make sure you sign up for our newsletter in the lower left hand corner of our site. We will email customers in the order they signed up ensuring that everyone who wants one gets a chance to order one without having to constantly check our site. If you guys have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask and thank you all again!

    Andy and the team at HTA
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    It looks awesome.....
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    What kind of timetable do you guys think this will be available in?

    Is it compatible with the 995 classic?

    What are the odds that someone here could get an advance test copy to review? There are some here that write great articles
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    What we want to know is does the BullPup chassis use the Hi-Point mag catch? Hoping it does, because we have an aftermarket mag release that allows the use of 1911 mags in the 4595, which gives great magazine flexibility, up to and including the Korean Drum Mags! Several of us have converted our 4595s, here's a pic or 2 of mine and another member's Drum Conversions: (Imagine THAT Hanging out under the HTA BULLPUP!!!)

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    I frequent one of the local ranges in HTA's backyard (Target Sports in Rogers, MN).

    Target Sports already has the HTA 10/22 bullpup that they rent and they also have the 995TS in camo that can be rented.

    Perhaps they will get an early 995 HTA bullpup.... Hint, Hint. I'd love to try it out.
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    I have a collection of 9mm carbines from a Beretta Storm, JRC, TNW ASR, Marlin Camp, Kel-Tec Gen 2 and of course a 995TS. I am on regularly and see some of the negative comments some make about the 995. I have always made it a point to "educate" people on the Hi-Point and make sure they know what it is (affordable, reliable and accurate) and what it is not (fancy, polished, etc). As I tell them, its a basic firearm that is simple and it just plain works and it doesn't cost a ton of money. As I told one poster: you can buy a complete 995 for what some people pay for a fancy hand guard/rail for their 9mm AR.

    When I saw the High Tower bull pup all I could think about was "when can I get one!". I contacted HT and offered to send them the cash in advance for one. (Kidding...but I did get on the list and want to save my spot!). As I have pointed out to many, the HT stock will sell a lot of rifles for Hi-Point and the number of 995's out there will sell a lot of the HT stocks.

    So, High Tower...get me that stock! I want a nice colored one...waiting to see what you come up with. I am waiting, money in hand...I want it ASAP! :):):)
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    Maybe we can convince them to meet a few of us at the range. An hour's worth of time and free positive reviews from fans on the largest enthusiast forum
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    I'll shoot. You write the article..... :D
  15. I'm hoping HTA will be at SHOT next month, if they are they will no doubt have one for me to fondle. :)
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    Being a lefty I would like to see how they are addressing the ejecting issue... If they have a good solution, I will be at the front of the "pre-buy" list.. I sure would like to see a solution to allow common (glock type) double stack mags to work.

    I know there will be a lot that disagree with me... but IMHO "if this bull-pup stock and a double stack mag could work" this could make hipoint carbine a game changer (against AR's) for common home defense rifles...

    A hipoint TS995 is already my #2 home defense gun, #3 being the AR the reason for this is because the hp is more simple to operate, and actually shorter then the AR with shock in shooting position. It's main downside is round capacity... Make it even shorter and increase the capacity and it's biggest down side is removed..

    Now lets dream, if this stock is everything we hope it is... All HiPoint would need to do would be to team up and offer there carbine rifles with a "no stock/no mag kit" option for less cost (this still keeps them out of the Hi-cap mag, anti gun ban issues).. that way you could buy the bull-pup stock and the HiPoint mechanicals and build a rifle (kind of like a lot of AR guys like to do)... That would put Hi-point on a whole new dimension and possibly open up a whole new branch to the firearms market..
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    Hey guys!

    Thanks so much for all the comments and questions!

    We won't be at SHOT but we'd be willing to setup a meet and greet at Target Sports if anyone is interested? Probably in early 2017.

    This stock is designed to accept standard Hi Point mags but we have included a bushing as a provision to accept larger magazines at a later time- once we've had a chance to explore making our own proprietary mag.

    Left handers fear not! A shell deflector will be included and the ejection port is located forward relative to most bullpup designs. We want to roll this out with everything needed to shoot strong and weak sides.

    If you guys have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask and thanks again for the buzz!!!

    Andy and the team at High Tower Armory
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  18. Well, that's a major bummer... :wah:

    Where's Target Sports located? :confused: