HTA Bullpup Chassis

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  1. Just picked up a 995 on GB, now I just need the HTA stock in OD Green.
  2. Dred

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    The LE stock is 100% FDE versus the two tone black & FDE that is regularly available.
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    This limited edition was limited to one! I had Andy's people do it in 9, and 40. Well anyone can request custom. They used a blem for the base. IMG_20190413_122813.jpg
  4. HTA_MBS95.jpg Finally went to the range this morning and put at least 200 rounds through the new setup. Not a single malfunction. Yes it's heavy, but stable and super accurate. Very fun firearm!
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    • Where would one get a longer barrel for the carbine (if it's as easy as folks say to swap); the current barrel renders the stock set up illegal (too short; 30" min) in the One Party Dictatorship formerly called California (An LLP of the SEIU, Teachers' Unions, Trial Lawyers, and the AFL-CIO--not redundant).
    • What impact would a longer barrel have on velocity of a .45 ACP? I know there is a point beyond which velocity starts falling off.
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    Depends a bit on the ammo. See the stats here:

    Does seem that 16" is the sweet spot for most. But the specific firearm also makes a difference.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The 4595 is 17.5"
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    Hoe about you permanently attach a muzzle brake or flash-hider.
    Pin or weld.
    Would that be counted towards total barrel length?

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Probably do a flash director as a brake, or hider is illegal. (I think)
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    I'm happy to have a muzzle brake, which is legal. I was uptight about putting one on; but, a couple of vendors said the muzzle brake was legal because it was a brake. "They like that." A nut holds the brake in place; and it does seem to have a favorable affect. If it's a placebo affect, more power to it.

    I am not sure how much I like welding something onto a barrel. In addition, the stats to which Swaga sent me (TY Swaga) all showed velocity dropping off between 16" and 18". As the bullpup shortens the Carbine to about 27", adding three inches to the barrel seem likely to drop velocity unacceptably. The Muzzle Brake is about 2" long; although, the 17.5" barrel is already past the 16" optimum and very close to 18".

    I just got my Carbine; so I will simply stand pat for a while.


    TY TNTrailer....
    Have you ever been to Hoover's Gap? If so, is there much to commemorate the battle?

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    A tacked on brake will not contact the bullet like rifling in the barrel. I have a 14.7" AR15 with a factory welded and pinned barrel. It takes things out to 16.1" so it isn't a short barreled rifle (SBR) If you need the length then welding a steel "legal" muzzle device is probably the way to go. It has to be permanent.
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    I don't know of anyone. Seems like someone made their own on here once.
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  13. What pattern is that and how much extra $$$? Just picked up a 995 classic for a donor and getting ready to order one as soon as I finish the P80 build.

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    I can't sign back in there to HTA. Send me a PM. I went back and forth with Andy for a while on picking the pattern and getting him to send it to the hydro dip guys. I spoke to him on the phone and he took some stocks that were cosmetic blems and dipping them.
  15. Still up in the air over FDE, OD Green or getting it dipped. Always hesitant to get something dipped because there are other factors affecting the end result and you just don't know for certain how it's going to look. But yours looks great! Thanks.
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    Hello all. Long time since I've been here so catching up.
    I remember first reading aboutGo to First Unread the .45 carbine HTA chasis and how folks planned on using the Thing Meister conversion.
    Before I start planning my next carbine, I have a few questions.
    1. Will the Thing Meister conversion work with the HTA chasis?
    2. How is the trigger after conversion? I can imagine it being worse seeing that is the bane of bullpup conversions.

    Thanks in advance, just got back on here after nearly a decade.
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  17. Dred

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    1. No. The HTA chassis has it's own mag catch.
    2. The HTA chassis didn't improve it. It is nothing to brag about from the start. It's as good as I could have hoped for given the start and the linkage based limitations of a Bullpup chassis.
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    Thank you!
  19. Mark gunnoe

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    How do you adjust trigger pull
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    Anyone running HTA bullpup having issues with rounds FTF. The bolts catching the round but not chamfering the round. If I work the charging handle I can normally get round to chamber. Doesn't do it a lot just every once in awhile.