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    That sounds like a mag issue.
    Mag sitting a tad too low maybe?
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    Good thought, if it happens again I'll try to remember and tap bottom of the mag. I'll see if that allows the round to chamber. Hoping to put a couple of rounds through this week.

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    I converted a 4595 and a 1095 to HTA bullpups, with both I had more front-back play in the magwell vs the factory stocks. Not having a flush mag baseplate might have had something to do with that, I added a spacer to the back of the mag to keep rounds pointed as high as possible. The 4595 wasn’t having feed issues but the 1095 was, the spacers fixed my feed issues.

    I had some self adhesive urethane bumpers for furniture from Home Depot that were the width of the mags, then wrapped em with electrical tape and so far they seem to be holding up.

    The round nose .45s are probably easier to feed than the truncated 10mm but the .45 is also a few years older and has had more use than the 10mm but I did run 75 rounds of various brands of 10mm with the factory stock without issue before dropping it in the HTA.

    HTA needs to bring out a replacement mag baseplate or a spacer for their chassis, or the double stack mag they teased.
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    10mm is a problem child in PCC AR's. The cartridge takes some internal feeding work to feed right.
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    I noticed the 4095 mags have a little play in them. Base plate of the mag does not sit flush with the mag well.
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    Service Equals Citizenship!
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    I keep checking this thread in hopes some progress has been made. Any word from HTA?
  8. It's interesting that HTA and Hi-Point have teased a double stack magazine and yet...
    <crickets chirping>

    The devil is in the details; my hunch is that execution of the double stack isn't as easy as it looks. Just because Makarov and Llama did it, doesn't make it a slam dunk. And if HTA or HP introduced a problematic magazine into the marketplace, they'd be crucified for doing so.

    That's my hunch and I'm sticking to it.
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    I have the official word on it from that email I quoted. Here it 'tis I alerted them to the fact that there is a 15rd flush fit mag that now fits the Glock 48 which is a factory single stack 9mm.

    On 3/16/2020 5:56 PM, TrashyB wrote:
    Thank you! Has there been any advances in a higher capacity mag? My brother just got some flush fit 15rd mags for his single stack Glock 48.

    Reply: Nothing yet sadly- honestly our main focus now is just keeping up with current demand. We're at max capacity just to keep up with what we have now. Hopefully we will be able to expand the business a bit more if sales continue to be steady but when you're small it's hard to come up with the money to invest in new products. We will keep you posted though!

    I also asked if they still had the adjustable triggers. His reply:
    Well just make sure you stay away from anyone at the range haha. Can't shoot coronavirus unfortunately. And we don't have any of the adjustable triggers since they were causing so many issues. We just stopped making them altogether. We are trying to find a way to make a trigger fit the various models more efficiently but it's hard due to the wide range of specification between classic models, TS models, etc. I'll let you know if we make any headway on the new trigger design. Thanks again,

    Andy Wentzel
    High Tower Armory, LLC
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    Well...that sucks.
  11. Have anyone tried to see if the original iron sights could still be mounted on the HTA stock kit? Just wondering if its even feasible.
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    It is removable but leaves a huge opening on top. Just took mine off to paint the upper

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    You have a great quality rail up there. I was being silly and mounted the factory front sight on mine. I didn't glue the screws. It fell off at the range.
  14. I'm not talking remove the rail. I'm talking about putting the HP rear sight on top of the rail, like how they do the TS series... ya know?
    Actually that might be an interesting concept for a machine shop to try.. Down Range could try, or Long Shot Manufacturing... a picatinny rail sight body that takea HP rear sight guts. Since the handguns and the carbines share most of the rear sight parts....?
    Edit. Yeah yeah yeah I know, just use AR15 sights :rolleyes: except.. what if I don't want to use AR15 sights, or CZ sights, or HK style sights? And I'd rather not have optics either.... so what does that leave? Not a whole lot if anything.

    I'd like to see a picatinny rail mounted M1A/M14 style sight set.. edit. Looks like some AR15 BUIS uses A1 style pieces.
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    $$ to results, time etc. It's all up to you if you want to run them. If you need to clean/repair etc the guts the front sight post has to come off everytime.
  16. I'm used to that with the Classic 995 ;) edit. I know it doesn't always need to have the front sight off, but again, I'm used to taking that block off so I don't gotta fiddle with the barrel band on the original monkey stock
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    This is my final build of the HTA-- A SPARC optic with BUIS co-witness.
    It's a sexy beast.

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    been really loveing this bullpup! received_242785133834683.jpeg 20200526_162710.jpg 20200526_162838.jpg
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    thank you.have been enjoying the forums here.wanted to throw up a the fact there aint as many gun snobs on here compared to other forums.
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