HTA Bullpup Chassis

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    Well, the grip is not small. Stock is thick. I use popup iron sights in case the 30mm red dot sight has battery issues. HP Compensator eliminates barrel climb for good sighting.

    HTA advantages I like are: Compact size for tight areas; Ease of takedown; Metal rails instead of plastic; Much tougher polymer than the original 995 stock; Slide buffer eliminates recoil damage from ++P rounds.

    HTA disadvantages; Cost is much higher than the HP-TS replacement stock; Trigger linkage does not help the 995 mediocre trigger; Rear weighted configuration takes getting used to.

    I now own the HTA stock on a 995 and 1095 and have no plans to go back to original stock unless wty work is needed...
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    I got my first HP 995 back when they first came out. I have used all the stocks mentioned. The ATI stock looks good. Its a visual match for my Beretta CX4 Storm. Its made well enough but some have complained of issues. I have never had any but then I don't shoot that rifle as much as some. Also, as with all my firearms I avoid that silly +P+ ammo that some just love to shoot. That stuff needlessly beats up any firearm its used in. I am not using this rifle for combat!
    I have several other much more expensive 9mm carbines but still enjoy my 995 as much or more than any of them. The HTA stock is part of that. Its "unique". Its compact, the shortest carbine I have. I love the look of it. I like the operating handle set up. It shoots well. As for the "cons", I wish we had more magazine choices but that holds true for ALL the HP carbines. I wish it had a pad for the butt-stock. I may fabricate one out of stick on materials, just for fun. As for the trigger....its a Hipoint and the HTA can't improve what "Mother" built it with. I think on mine the pull is in the 6 pound range which is lighter than some of my AR's. But, due to design (and cost restrictions) you just can't get a good clean feel on these regardless of what stock you use. But, my trigger is quite acceptable so I will not complain. This is not a match rifle with a $250 trigger in it!
    I saved my original stock but I seriously doubt I will ever put it back on the rifle.

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    Long shot, but:. where y'at in TX? Got a HTA'd 1095 in Houston. I bought and built it as a bullpup 10 so I can't effectively make comparisons.

    I primarily shoot at Pearland Shooting Center and Texas Gun Club for easiest meetup.
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    Thanks for the input, Guys!

    Dred, I'm up in DFW, so a bit far for me to go to Pearland, but thanks for the generous offer!
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    Irons are absolute fine. Have a pair of generic flip-ups co-witnessed with my spark. Sight radius really isn't a problem. The front end is a bit thick, but not obnoxiously so IMO and contours nicely. Admittedly, there's a lot of wasted space around the barrel, but the package is pretty ergonomic all things considered.

    Sorry, can't answer your third question; I stripped mine of the factory chassis the moment I received it :D
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    Thanks for the response on the sight radius. I also like the thought of being able to more easily clean the gun, and maintaining zero. There's enough price difference between the TS stock and the HTA stock, that I want to be as sure as possible if I go the way of the HTA I'm going to be happy with it.
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    I love mine...particularly the short length. It fits perfectly in a 28" double gun case - along with a Mossberg Shockwave. I haven't found any problems with it so far. I added a Sun Optics combination fore end/tactical light, and it works perfectly. I also added a set of flip-up iron sights to work in case my EOTech knockoff red dot stops working.

    So far, I've found no real reason to complain. Yes, the trigger isn't great, but as was mentioned above, it's not designed for match shooting. I just know that it's pretty accurate and never gives me problem with any ammo I feed it. I use Red Ball 20-round mags and they work fine...although I'd like the double-stacked option that was originally promised by Hi Tower.
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    Well finally had a chance to put my 4095 in the HTA stock. Well it was in but had to do some tweaking and mount my previous optic, sight it in etc.

    Anyway, finally done and i like it!!! (Gun Porn to follow)

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  9. Visper,

    What optic is that? Did you pick it up for this build or have you had it awhile and if so, how's it holding up?
  10. Visper

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    Anyone know if the Thingmeister 1911 mag catch works with the bullpup stock?
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    I tried the Red Ball 45acp 20 round magazines on my HTA stocked HP, and they DO NOT work.
    I tried posting questions asking if anybody had any problems with the 45acp mags on the HTA stocks, but obviously I did something wrong on my posting, because it was never uploaded
  13. Thanks. I've heard NCstar is improving their quality control. Might have to give them a chance.
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    Did you contact HTA? My 4095 doesn't feed right. I need to shoot more. With a fucking convict now living across the street I don't shoot off the deck any more.:mad:
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    According to Thingmeister's web site, No.

    Converts your HP4595 or JHP so that it accepts 1911 mags instead of proprietary Hipoint mags**


    **Hipoint mags will no longer work after conversion, unless you reconvert it back to stock configuration. DO NOT insert a hipoint mag after performing the conversion!