hug-san shotguns?

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  1. hey anybody know anything about a hug-san shotgun??? I got one yesterday. they are made in Turkey. and are suppost to be on the browning patent. good looking gun. semi auto and feels great. just want to know if I got taken on it. paid 200.00 bucks out the door. anybody got a clue??? :shock:
  2. Turkish shotguns are excellent quality, as a member of the USAF I can purchase them and have them shipped back to the States. Of course, I'd have to be stationed in Turkey first. I know a guy that went there and bought about 200 shotguns and shipped them back to the States to his brother who owned a gun store. He paid $100.00 each for the guns in Turkey and they all sold for $500+ here in the States. These were all either pump or semi auto guns. The O/U and S/S guns were really nice, all engraved on the metal and lots of work on the wood. He sold those guns for $1000.00+ and only paid $200.00 for them.

    You got a good gun, and for $200.00, you got a steal.

  3. where do your friend's brother open his shop at, i'll stop by someday.
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    hug-san shotguns dont look bad. But I have never handled one or shot one. I can see why you are asking about them.
  5. Oldnoob, the shop is somewhere in South Dakota around Ellsworth Air Force Base.
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    Are you sure you don't mean Huglu. I am familiar with those, also Dehann, Kahn, and Stoeger. Those are fairly good weapons. Stoegers are all over the place in Cowboy Action Shooting events. Remington imports their Spartan brand from Turkey.
    My Nephew bought a Stoeger O/U 2 yrs ago to trap shoot with. We went out 4X a month for 6 straight months shooting approx 100-125 rds per outing with out a hitch. Just treat them like anyother arm. Clean them well and don't abuse them and they should run fine. Now you're not gonna get the accuracy or life out of them like a Browning, Beretta, Benelli, or Remmy; but you will get a decent moderate priced shotgun.
  7. ok bobm, huglu is on the barrel too, as the importer. but it is a hug-san shotgun. and thanks guys this helps
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    Academy sells Stoeger shotguns... they have their coach gun in stock most of the time. FYI