huh... is my c9 feed ramp suppose look like this?

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  1. well, today i receive new recoil spring from HP. while changing the spring i notes my feed ramp look funny and i don't remember how is suppose to be.

    sorry for the poor picture. i use my cell phone camera. there is a semi-circle chunk missing on my feed ramp. it seems like the tip of my ammo sand off that chunk.



    if any one can be so kind check their c9 for me or even post their feed ramp on here, i'll be very grateful.
  2. As far as I can tell, the wifes C9 does not have that chunk missing. If you look close does it look like a piece has broke off or is it more like a wear pattern?

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    Well I havent seen that before.
    I would think If it works then I'd just fluff and buff to smooth it out.

    If you encounter problems Id send it in. No questions asked warranty

    And possibly a free mag for your troubles.

    Good luck
  4. waltham41, it does not look like it breaks off. it looks like it got sand off.
  5. In that case, if it were me, I would not worry about it as long as your weapon has no malfunctions and you do not depend on it to defend your life (IE range plinker)

    If you have any doubts about the pistol, contact Hi Point and talk to them.

    Just curious, what kind of ammo do you run through you pistol?
  6. lately i have been using wolf military 115gr. i got a good deal at the gun show. will not buy it again, at lease not for my c9. it have been giving me few problems like stove pips but when i switch to blazer brass it work just fine. i thought i'll just use for range plinking and i don't mind clear my chamber every now and then. but now... i'm thinking other wise.

    i'm getting a glock soon. so once i got it, i'll sent my c9 back to HP have them check out. hope they will replace the barrel or something. my c9 have been through 4000+ rounds. it's been good to me, i think it's time for it to take a vacation to ohio.
  7. 4000+ rounds, its probably just honest wear oldnoob. That would be my guess.
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    there is a guy on gunbroker that has hipoint parts kits, type in hi point factory parts kit....basically you get everything but the frame, I paid 20 bucks for one for my jcp40. I just got it because I wanted to have a second slide to polish/engrave/duracoat or whatnot.
    I realize that you could send it to HP, but this would give you a barrel and slide for 20 bucks as opposed to paying 15-20 for shipping...Your call though.
  10. i check out the gun broker deal, i'll past. it doesn't look in a good condition(not as good as mine anyway).

    does any ever take on the refund of Wolf? they claim they have 100% refund guarantee plus shipping charges. i'm thinking to sent back my rest of 400 rounds.
  11. Wow, I have never seen that before. I am very suprised to see the ramp worn down that much,...of course I only have about 1/8 the rounds through mine as you have through yours!!!