Hunter or, 'the Hunted...?' Warning: Graphic pics

Discussion in 'Grip and Grins' started by Rerun, Nov 21, 2018.

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    Always make sure your harvest is dead before posing for selfies!

    FB_IMG_1542809627730.jpg FB_IMG_1542809613330.jpg

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    This does happen from time to time. Media just does not publish it usually. Approximately 40 years ago my uncle was picking corn on the top of a hill.
    The wagon was parked at the bottom on a lane through the timber. My aunt went there to take him his lunch. As she waited a very large buck in rut ran out of the brush. He thought she was a doe. She couldn't stop him. He finally pinned her against the old wooden wagon box. His tines pierced her abdomen, several intestines, and her spleen I think it was. She nearly died. It was the wrong time of the month for her to be out there is what she told me.
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    Good thing you posted this after PK bagged hers,, she may have had second thoughts,, although I don't think she would have..
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    It's just a flesh wound.
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    Chicks (Hardbodies) dig scars!

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    PK is harder than you give her credit for...

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    Shoulda used a 270
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    Also I'm not a dumbass, lol. I waited. But the forethought in my mind for waiting was that I didn't want an injured deer to get up and keep running into somewhere I couldn't get him or find him or somewhere I wasn't supposed to be.
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    Dang, a deer playing possum!
    That's gonna leave a mark.
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