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    I looking for a good low cost .223 for hunting do you guys have any suggestions? I thought about the Saiga, but I don't know if it would be able to hold a tight enough group at 300 yards.
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    I've been looking at the Stevens, they seem to be a great gun for the money. Also I am open to anything, Auto Loading, Bolt, Single Shot or Other. I just want a gun that can drive tacks at 300 yards to hunt Coyote and Rabbit.
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    Sako, Tikka or browning all make excellent bolt actions in the 300 dollar range (no scopes).

  5. A buddy of mine has a new england firearms in .223 which came with the high powered scope. He got it for $300 NIB and it is a tack-driver at 200yrds.
  6. Check out the NEF Handi Rifle, they are excellent low cost single shot's and come in many caliber options. You can purchase a rifle in .223 and have it fitted for a shotgun barrel or another rifle barrel if you choose to.
  7. Hunting with a .223?

    Isn't that rather small for game hunting? For varmits, its grand, but for taking down a deer or something, its not exactly the best round.

    Our state prohibits hunting with .223. Has to be 240 or bigger.
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    I am planning on using it for varmints only; Coyote or rabbit.