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  1. Hey all. I said i would post when my dogs were about to have another litter. Well they should be having one in about late jan to early feb 2008. The pups will be ready some time in march. Here are some pics of Patches (hes the lighter one) and Misty, (shes the darker one) I will give pics of the pups soon as they are born. I know its a little early but wanted to give you all as much warning as possible. They are pure bred brittany's with akc papers and national champ pedigrees. If anyone is intrested just pm me or reply. I have not set a price yet cause i am always willing to work some thing out. These dogs make great faimly pets and are wonderful with kids and other dogs. both of mine are avid hunters. these dogs dont need a whole lot of traing, because most brittanys know more about bird hunting than you or i could ever know. they do wonderful with both phesant and woodcock. Patches has been to indiana and loved dove hunting as well. They point, flush on your command, and retrieve.

    i though this one turned out really cool....dont they look tough :D

    this is me and Misty we just got back from some pheasant funrals :wink:

    dont they love each other?

  2. Had a cocker, she peed everytime someone came in the house, you couldn't even play with her inside without her getting so excited she peed. Hope yours arn't this bad. But they do make great dogs, and talk about full of energy, wish you could bottle that stuff.

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    why would you want to bottle cocker spaniel pee?

    Sorry couldnt resist...
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    Dumb question... what does a cocker have to do with a Brittany? Cockers started out as good field dogs. Then all the old ladies breed them for the ring and breed all the field right out of them. :evil: :D
  5. cocker SPANIEL.... Brittany SPANIEL... for some reason I thought they just might have some traits in common... don't know what I was thinking.
  6. Brittany's are used more for deer dogs. I have a friend that has them, and that's all he uses them for. Cockers are a bit over bred, I will agree on Ari on that point. My step-mom breeds cockers and every time I talk to her on the phone she tries to pawn one off on me. I hate to keep telling her no.
  7. Take that cocker and put him or her in the pay it forward, just remember I'm 1st on the list for that.

    I had a great cocker who I had to put down after 14 years and I now have a 2nd cocker. As long as they're not over-bred they are fantastic dogs. I still miss my Lady bit Doodles is a very welcome addition to our family.
    I love the breed.

  8. What do you mean "deer dogs" I have never heard of this. I just know around here people love brittnays for bird hunting you will never find a more loyal faimly and hunting dog IMO. Anyways i just wanted to hold good on my promise of offering them up to you guys first. genrally when we have a litter the pups are all spoken for within 48 hrs of birth. I normally charge $2000 for males and $2500 for females. However i said i would give you guys a good deal so if you want to PM me we can discuss it further. Rest assured no one here will be asked to pay anything near that just tell your freinds were you got the best darn bird dog in the world! :D

    As to the energy of these dogs yeah i wish like hell i could bottle it. also they are great guard dogs. they just sound a lot meaner then they really are! :D
  9. What I meant by "deer" dogs is that in Mississippi you can use dogs to run deer. Hopefully, your dogs run the deer TOWARD your blind and you shoot the deer.... It's a southern thing, and personally, I don't like it. All the hunters that I know who run dogs for deer have Brittany's. A few of them have some catahoula currs, but not very many.
  10. :shock: Intresting i have never heard of that before. it does sound a little pointless though. however i have seen people using dogs for bear hunting. why use a brittany for deer though? maybe its cause they are so fast and agile?
  11. You would certainly need a very speedy dog that can manuever through the brush quickly and not lose their game.
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    In KS, Brittany's are known to be excellent quail and pheasant dogs. My dad had a few that really made hunting fun. I suppose I need to get one for myself sometime.

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    We had a Brittany when I was a kid. Fantastic Bird Dog! Deer? never heard of it, but in TX everyone has Labs for Deer. go figure.