Hunting Feral Afghannies

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  1. So funny. Halo hunting turbans,...

  2. thats great...................

  3. Fenix

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    Saw these at my local gun store today, enjoy. :)
    Also, great video, the call was hilarious.
  4. Thought it would get a better response then this. I've watched it 10 times or more, love the caller, that's great.
  5. Wonder if I can get my tags at walmart, or if I have to purchase locally.
  6. Fenix

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    No tagging required taurus, didn't you read the permit 8)
  7. Oh yea, I read the fine print this time. Wonder if I could spot light or bait?

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    So THAT explains why North Carolina drivers are so bad.......They cant see good enough to read :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. What do you use for bait, a woman with a skirt that shows her ankles?
  10. azcarbine

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    For bait you drop a throw rug over a stump. To him it looks like a future wife. As they say, 72 virgin dating service. We'll hook you up!
  11. 69burbon

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    I remember when that first came out after 9/11. A couple of radio stations around me used to play it all the time.

    Good stuff.

    Actually, I've heard that dumping a bottle of cheap cologne works as an attractant. (Trust me guys, I've been in the middle east and they all smell like BO and cologne)
  12. elguapo

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    Aint seen that one before, yuk yuk!!
  13. that is a great vid. I love the jazz about the calls.

    If you like halo check out Red Vs. Blue. Funny stuff.
  14. That was great.
  15. I love red vs blue. Lots of vids on youtube
  16. jason865

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    That video is hillarious.