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  1. Kelotravolski

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    I don't know if there is any interest but maybe perhaps a hunting section?
  2. Strangerous

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    -1 Nobody hunts with hi points.
    (That i know of)

  3. I dont know. I bet within Bow Range. A +p HP load and got shot placement, a Hi-Point Carbine would do the trick..
    I bet it would drop a deer.. I wouldnt even think about it on hogs.

    But a deer is thin skinned.. Least the ones in SC are..

    I know an old coot who takes them year round with a.22lr.. Right behind the ear.

    PS I dont want to start an ethics topic here.. But with proper bullet and shot placement.. It should be a clean kill everytime..

    I think a lot of people on here could share some valuable hunting info..
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    there are plenty of hunting forums on the net. this is a HI-POINT forum.

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    I gut shot this fine 14pt'er on the run with that 30-30. After I chased him down, I put two kill shots in his heart with my HP .40. You can see the tactical leg holster. Made my day!

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  6. i intend to use my J for hunting. If i had a carbine i'd darn sure hunt w/it. I'd love to see a spot where folks could post their hunts, some good story-tellin' goes on in those "other" forums, but these could be right here at HPFF & withe the guns of topic in particular.

    PLUS... we'd have some meaningful places to demonstrate ballistics data... w/o all the numbers & such. :devilsidesmile:
  7. Strangerous

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    The lounge has been the place to discuss such hunts. I challenge you and everyone else who wants a hunting section to fill the lounge with hunting pics/stories/data, so that we can see a need for a place. If we are shown a need, it will come. But making a forum for just hunting isn't going to happen unless you show us a need for such... so get to posting the hunting topics in the lounge, if there's enough of them, then a need would arise... :)
  8. The hunting section is something that we have discussed already, but we really wouldn't have the traffic year around to justify it's own section. Since hunting is more of a Fall/Spring seasonal thing, it'd have a hard time keeping it busy. The last thing we want to do is add a section to the forum that doesn't get used and ends up taking up space on the server.

    However, as the forum grows *we've grown in a MAJOR way since the switch to the new server/software* a hunting section will most likely be added to HPFF. That's off in the not so distant future, so stay tuned for more changes.
  9. I belong to another handgun specific board and they have sections for both hunting and fishing. I guess though if someone wanted to talk about either on this board they could use the lounge.