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Hurricane Check-In

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All is good here, had a bit of rain and wind, only "damage" was due to an old gum tree limb that broke off in the previous Big Wind but got hung up in the other limbs. Chainsaw took care of it this morning.

Power started going on/off this morning around 0100, but only stayed off for a minute or 2 then came back on. After about the 12th time I hit the circuit breaker for the 25yr old frig, didn't think the old thing could take repeatedly being shocked like that. Of course had to go round the house resetting clocks. Cats didn't like it one bit.

There were a couple of tornadoes in neighboring cities and my shooting buddy's power had been out since 0700.

If that's the only one we get I'll be happy, but they usually don't start showing here until September thru the middle of October.

OH!!! That damn Echo Dot (Ale_a, the letter between w and y is broke on my keyboard) kept going off every 10 minutes with a warning about tornadoes. I was ready to sling that thing. I'm gonna need a nap later.
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Not a lot here. They were calling for 4" of rain. I would be surprised to find out we got an inch. Thunder-boomers, wind. The power went off, but came right back on. Just enough to reset all the electronics. Rain was over before 7am.
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