Hurricane Season

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    Didn't a bunch of official scientists say that this year was going to see ALOT of hurricanes or named storms? I read an article that said only 1 hurricane touched the States. They said last year was going to be worse also. :roll:
  2. When I was a kid it was a coming ice age. Then it was Nuclear Winter. Then it was El Nino and La Nina was added soon after. Now it's Global Warming.

    These folks live by grants from government and big business as well as sales of books and articles. Nobody knows enough yet about long-term weather trends to predict anything useful. Did you ever try to rely on a 30 day forecast? Imagine how much less dependable a 30 year forecast is.

    There may be a problem we can affect, there may not. I'd rather people who had a clue would discuss and write the articles. The politicians and the doom-sayers need to shut up until we have facts.

  3. Hurricanes! Now I remember why I put up with North Dakota winters. Been thru one hurricane in South Carolina, and that was enough..........
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    Yeah, but you usually only have to deal with a hurricane every so often. That damn winter is there every damn year. :)
  5. Ill take my chances.............
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    you also get a warning of a hurricane a week in advanced.
    you dont get that for tornados or earthquakes, dont know about icestorms though.
  7. My problem with hurricanes are the internal tornadoes. During Hugo, in a 5 mile radius around Shaw AFB they counted 105 seperate tornadoes in a 2.5 hour time frame. In ND, we still get an occasional tornado, but the happen everwher, even Salt Lake City. Earthquakes? hasn't happend here (won't say can't or won't, just hasn't). As for icestorms, you just stoke up the fire, sitback in your recliner, crack another beer and look out the window and say, darn it looks cold out there...............
  8. Last winter the ice storm we had took out the electric for 9 days.

    Mobile home has central heat, that was of course out. We do have a small gas stove in the living room. We lived in there until they got us straightened out.

    As far as tornado's, I don't care what causes them, they are scary.
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    Hurricanes and the 200% increase in my home owners insurance is the reason that we are leaving Florida after 10 years here. In 2004 we got hit with two hurricanes on two consecutive Saturdays. Our electric is underground and we only lost power about 4 hours during the second storm. My friend across town was without electric for 22 days! We are looking in eastern TN.
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    I come from Louisiana and lived for years in California so I've been in hurricanes and earthquakes. Bad as the hurricanes are at least you know they are coming and how strong they are. The earthquakes are on you all of a sudden and when the shaking starts you don't know if it will suddenly stop(little one) or just start picking up steam(BIG ONE). I was there for the world series quake in'89 and found out the difference between a 4.0 and a 7.0 real fast. No fun!
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    Aaaah Texas. As long as you aren't on the coast, no worries except for the blistering heat 9 months out of the year.
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    Wish I could move back to the Austin area. Don't think I can convince the wife to move out of Montana though. The winters may be cold, but the the spring, summer, and fall sure make up for it. Beats the four Texas seasons of Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Monsoon. :D