Hydro Dipping Or Water Transfer printing

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    I had the interior of my truck hydro dipped and it turned out well.

    I recently bought the 45 JHP and bought a set of hydro dipped boa constrictor grips and I love them.

    Then I bought the 45 Carbine.

    It won't be here until tuesday but I have been watching tear down videos of the carbine and I am thinking there is probably quite a bit of parts I can have hydrodipped.

    Anyone had their carbine hydrodipped?

    I think I will have the slide, the grips and the laser housing on the pistol done and I guess I will have to wait to get the carbine in my hands before I determine what to do on the carbine.

    I'm telling you, I have a lot of nice guns but this JHP and the Carbine have me excited to see what I can do with them.

    I never even considered getting anything other than a pistol in 45 ACP, except for a Tommy Gun and that's out of my leage.

    Like I said, I am really excited about seeing what I can do with these weapons.

    The last new handgun I bought was a Les Baer Thunder Ranch and it is an awesome pistol but these Hi-points have me giddy as a school girl.
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    Yeah right!?! I don't understand the "draw" towards Hi Points, but it's there none the less. I love mine, and feel like you do with that "warm and fuzzy" feeling towards these ugly ducklings. ;)
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    I always thought a snake skin pattern on the carbine would be awesome, especially the barrel, making it look just like a stretched out snake...

    I think the reason a lot of us are drawn to HP's are because they are pretty cheap, so adding your own touches to the gun isn't going to really take away any value...

    It's like buying a beater car as work commuter, you find yourself driving it more and more, then your realize your nice ride sits a lot... because your not worried about that beater getting a scratch, dent, or dirty... it's just a beater nothing is really going to make it worth less so you use it the way you want to...
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    Tis odd how these guns just sorta pull you in. Bought the C9, went to the store to look at a 22 handgun, ended up with a 995TS. Now I have a JHP45 in layaway, gettin' out next month. HP's are just addicting.:D:cool:

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    My job contract requires I drive a 4 door vehicle less than five years old.
    I have an 09 Corolla that was just fine till I bought my single Cab TRD Tundra.

    After that I couldn't stand driving the Corolla. I wound up driving my Tundra all the time unless I was taking customers to a job site or lunch.

    Last week I bought a 2016 Camry. I hated driving it the first few days.
    My truck sat until last night when I used it to haul some stuff

    I liked sitting high up but it seemed to absolutely beat me to death.
    I am getting used to the Camry.