I-5 Nightmare

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by KY Ratshooter, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. I-5 is closed at Hwy14 in CA. multitruck/car pileup in a tunnel. 1/2 hour drive is now a 5 hr creep at 1 mph. This route handles 225,000 cars each day.

    I-5 is comprimised and will be weeks getting tunnel repaired. 14 is comprimised where it crosses the tunnel.

    How will your "bug out plan" be adjusted when anything with a bridge, tunnel, overpass or intersection turns into a death trap?
  2. SteveD

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    No interstates close, but enough bridges and other road obsticles to warrent a map that shows all roads down to fire lanes. Very few reasons to bug out up here but the bug in is my concerne.

  3. billybybose

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    Ilive in the country and wont be hitting urban areas in an emergency.Im buggin in but if I cant I can travel back roads to rally point(which is also in the country)
  4. Ridge

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    The only bridge I know if in Colorado east of the Eisenhower Tunnel is a 100ft long tunnel for the interstate going south underneath the interchange and light rail.
  5. I live close to the deep woods, and if I have to bug out, it will be just to pile survival things in the pickup and head out into the woods and find some dirt trails that will get me farther away from the masses in the cities.
  6. vallen

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    Yeah, I'm on the edge of a medium town. Subdivisions encroaching, but i can get away from civilization pretty easily if i have to leave my bug-in.
  7. Ridge

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    20 minutes to farmland here....coincidentally, 20 minutes to downtown denver, too...
  8. HPHooked

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    Only a couple of bridges here that may raise a concern. Easy to navigate around if you're thinking. Other than that, it's a short time walk to the house.

    However, the drive home is an even shorter time with the proper work around routes.

    Drive around your area. Look at your routes to and from work/school/activities. Take a weekend, or a couple, and work out some alternate routes that avoid the tunnels/bridges/overpasses. The routes ARE there. The FUN is discovering them. :wink:
  9. Ari

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    Look at the high tension power lines and follow them out of the city. As most of them will have access roads below them... (and not many houses below them as workers need access for repair and maintainance )