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Good for her, she is damn right to be pissed with all the BS that goes on in the world now a days, I, after spending 26 years in the military, the hand tying we got, we have and will continue to deal with all in the name of compassion, if compassion was such an important fact, we wouldn't have wars, if you go to war, you go to win, period, end of story, remember politicians, if you don't fight your enemy will...

I put up a sign on my garage today, because we had someone cruising the top of the mountain I live on, looking for someone to rip off, but it also pertains to this country...it says..

"There is nothing in this home worth your life, but there are things in my home I am willing to kill and die for!" To the terrorists of the world, "There is nothing in this country worth your life, but there are many things here I am willing to kill and die for!"

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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