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    why doesn't hi-point make a higher cap mag since the desire is high but no else has succeded?

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    First off, welcome to the forum!!!

    Now, as far as the lack of a high capacity magazine, Hi-Point has alot of reasons to consider not making one. First of which is the lack of a suitable aftermarket magazine that could efficiently feed more than 10 rounds into any of their weapons. Second, the cost of retooling for high capacity mags could begin to impact the bottom line of the company and thus increase the price point of their weapons in order to cover retooling, eliminating one of their major selling points.

    Another reason is public opinion. When you make a carbine with 10 rounds, you're on par with an SKS but far below the "Evil" guns with high capacity magazines such as the AK-47, AR-15 and the like. While California dislikes magazine fed carbines, many Northern European nations and most US states still have them in great abundance. This makes for a large potential market to fill when the AK's and AR's aren't able to be sold, but their carbine can pass for a "pistol" in many bills.

    There have been countless experiments with high capacity magazines, but even on the custom end, it's a difficult procedure to get correct. The 10 rounder has proven effective and cheap, and with a brand that is up and coming like High Point the last thing you want to do is risk that reliability by experimenting with an option that the greater consumer market has not highlighted as a factor in buying their arms.
  3. Hey noob, welcome. But for asking the question and not using the search features you are:

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    yeah well, I am new to computers and forums also, so things like search functions are new to me also. i am begining to understand that some people value their post numbers will respond just to see their numbers rise though.
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    thanks for the welcome neotheswpian!!
  6. Yeah that is true but you will not see that type of thing on here. Bushman likes to throw out some attitude in jest from time to time. lol

    Enjoy your stay man nothing but friends here.
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    Hey kanderson586. Welcome aboard.

    As to the beating a dead horse, I look at it this way: better to ask a question than struggle with it.

    Hi-caps are a much wanted feature for the carbines. However, being designed and built in the era of the Clinton AWB, the initial limit for the weapons was 10 rounds. With a little practice, you can rip 30 rounds out of this carbine in less than 45 seconds with 2 mag changes.

    The hi-cap mags are a crutch for most people who can't keep the rounds on target. They are FUN to run but a crutch none the less. Practice, practice, practice with your carbine and changing the mags. Very soon, you will be able to do magazine changes with your eyes closed or in a very dark room and do it very quickly.

    Have fun and keep posting.
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    Also, just because there are enthusiasts who want High Capacity mags doesn't mean that their target market wants them.

    Size and convenience are HUGE for first time gun buyers, and that's a market that Hi-Point wants to grab! Many first time shooters, while enamoured with high capacity weapons are often intimidated by them and their subsequent cost. Also, many who buy long arms are thinking about past and future legislation, and the 10 round max capacity actually appeals to many because they know their rifle or carbine will remain compliant even if more heavy legislation is passed.
  9. I was thinking about this issue on the way home tonight, the new guy beat me to it.

    I can understand why they designed the 995 the way they did, being smack dab in the middle of the Clinton Administration and all, and I can understand why they wouldn't want to change the design now. All this, I get.

    What I don't get is why Hi-point doesn't bother to market a 15-round magazine for themselves. Consider:

    - The first party magazine are the most reliable magazine available, bar none. Which makes sense.

    - Only ONE company makes any magazine for the 995 with more than ten rounds, and those are universally regarded as crap.

    - The biggest complaint we have about the carbine, as indicated by the fact that the topic keeps coming up here, is the magazine capacity.

    - Any hi-cap magazines they market would merely be an accessory. Meaning if any future legislation were to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban and ban the manufacture of hi-cap magazine, it would only be the end of an accessory, and not a death-blow to the company. But as of now, I don't believe there's a single state that prohibits magazines 15 and under. (NJ doesn't allow anything over 15, period.)

    Since we sort-of have the company's ear here, has anyone ever brought up this subject with management? What are their thoughts, if any? Are they aware of the demand? I mean, who wouldn't go nuts if Hi-point were to start selling their own 15-round mags? It'd be the best of both worlds: the consumer walks away happy, Hi-point gets more revenue, AND they do so without risking huge financial losses or any public relations backlash.
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    The problem is the retooling process for their equipment. I asked them myself a while back for the fun of it, I still have the email somewhere but am too lazy to look right now. Anyway he said that to compensate for the retooling process they would have to raise prices on the carbines, accessories, etc. I know the main reason I bought one of these is the low price, then I stumbled upon this forum. I'm sure there are a lot of others out there like me.

    As much as I'd like to see some high-cap mags for this little thing, it makes a great training rifle. I'm teaching my girlfriend how to use semi-auto weapons (previously the only thing she would fire is my Savage Mark II bolt .22) and having her change magazines on a regular basis is good training for her.
  11. But we're just talking about a new line of magazines that would fit the existing gun without modifications. And given the demand, I would think the sale of the new mags alone would pay for any initial expenditures very quickly.
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    How long you been holding onto the dead horse gif waiting for such an occasion? Bushman is our resident home brew modder who knows the inside and out of highpoints pretty well, so we keep him around so long as he's useful, albiet a smartass. But is polite when you compare him to the antics of strangerous and shooter Z when they get going. Even I am quite the arse hole from time to time :)

    PS you know we love ya Bushman!
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    Yeah they won't have to change the gun, but they'd have to either get new machines to produce the high capacity mags or change the ones that make the 10 rounders. I think that the cost could be covered pretty quick too, shoot I'd donate $50 or so just to help out with it, but I doubt that HP will ever start producing anything other than the 10 rounders.
  14. I feel the love Taurus.... I'll try to keep myself usefull so I dont get kicked out of the forum :)

    I used that dead horse gif on the other "why doesnt hi point make a hi cap magazine" thread. I've decided to use it when ever the question gets asked... unless who ever post is actually contributing a new idea or solution.

    To the noob (kanderson586):

    Welcome to the forum... and the seach button is on the top of every page. Just kiddin, welcome.
  15. Sorry Bushman, it had to be done :)

    The only dumb question is the one that is never asked, and not everyone is an expert with lots of info to offer.

    We are all here to help each other, not exclude people that are new, do not have anything to offer, or are sincerely wanting help or information.

    Just my opinion of course.

  16. I know I'm flogging a dead horse, but has anyone from Hi-point or Beemiller said anything about it yet? We know they're out there, peeking in on occasion. Again, I'm not talking about redesigning the gun itself, just marketing a new accessory. It'd sell like hotcakes. (I've never actually bought a hotcake before. Why do we use that expression?)
  17. Hotcake=pancake=flapjack
    Guess cause thousands are served up daily
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    I have a 30 round drum mag for a 995 I will sell you. NOT! :wink: Welcome to the forum :D