I am buying this tomorrow for my wife-- She better like it..

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  1. Heck I may even shoot it...



    Gander Mtn has this one for $399 and the .380 is for $429 (?!?!?)

    I am getting one though..

    "Uh-- yes officer...he shot me with a PINK gun"...

  2. BG: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's just so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! That's the most adorable thing!"

    GUN: Bang!

    BG: (lying on the ground) Hmmm.....feels the same as getting shot by a manly colored 9mm.

    She'll love it, dude. The gift that keeps on giving.

  3. :shock:

    That thing is just hideous.


  4. hmmm.... Think I like the factory black frame on my PT111 M-Pro much better than this "girlie" version.
  5. Ari

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    Not bad it might just what the doctor ordered... Good thinking
  6. Thayldt21

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    Hey I hate it, My wife doesn't like PINK. :x

    But:::: If that is what it takes to get her at the range then Go for it.

    Heck out of all the hand guns in the world( My wife is in the army and shoots the M9 very well) the only hand gun she wanted was the Walther p22. :wink:

    This is her stepping stone.

    The sad thing is she wants to shoot My xd-9 more and more. :evil:

    Besides even if this is what she likes then Way good for you. :idea:
  7. elguapo

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    Get her a pink XD9?
  8. tju,

    I have a PT111 M-Pro 9mm, black polymer frame :D , and have been 100% satisfied with it from day one. Never, ever had a single malfunction with the pistol regardless of what ammo I have used. Due to the smaller grip frame this pistol makes an ideal CCW.

    Showed the wife your pic and she was like... Oh How Cute...LOL
  9. vallen

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    I'm glad my wife hates pink.

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  10. Now this is not an attack of any sort, just a question.

    Your wifes name isn't Barbie is it?
  11. THAT'S THE ONE I'M GETTIN FOR MY WIFE! I'm going to have the slide cerama-coated or whatever gander smith service calls the ceramic job they do. Going to do gloss black. Should come out looking really nice.
  12. My wife would love that pistol :shock:
  13. FLA2760

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    My wife & daughter like it! good luck with it and let us know her reaction. :shock: LOL
  14. JasonJ

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    my local gander mtn. is so goshdarn expensive.. i wouldnt/couldnt buy from there when i can go to 3 other gunshops and pay $100 less.

    they want the same price for a used XD as they do for an identical NIB. and those prices are already 50-100 more than typical.
  15. Their prices should be consistent across the country, and the one here isn't bad. It's a chain with alot of employees to pay, but their prices aren't unreasonable.
  16. JasonJ

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    all do respect taurus.. obviously you havent price checked their ammo yet...

    rediculous is an understatment.