I am Legend

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  1. It looks like it's going to be a bit different from the original novel, but that not nesessarily a bad thing. The preview looks really good.

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    Looks like an updated version of Charlton Heston's 'Omega Man' movie. Still looks like it will be worth going to see at the theater. :D
  3. Yep going to be a good year for Smith and his family. His son is starring in the remake of 'The Karate Kid'.
  4. OMG!! I am SO going to see that one!!!
  5. The novel is worth reading, look it up if you can.

    "The Last Man on Earth" starring Vincent Price was the first movie version of the novel. It is quite different from the book.

    "The Omega Man" with Charleton Heston was another movie that was loosely based on the novel and 1st movie.

    I am actually looking forward to seeing this; I am not normally one who likes remakes. If you've seen it, let us know what you think.
  6. It is sort of a remake of "The Omega Man". Theye were actually both based on a 1954 novel entitled " I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson.
    In it, he was the last human to survive a global virus, last human that is.
    Some others survived but they were mutated into vampires or at least vampire like creatures.
    The new adaptation looks good. A lot of folks hate it when they try to make a book into a film. But it's not always a bad thing. Look at "Silence of the Lambs".

    BTW, here is a link with a little more info:
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    Its a vampire movie, not a zombie movie...I guess it could qualify as fast zombie tactics...

    Ive always liked the 50s version of Last Man on Earth...
  8. 'Omega Man' was definitely a favorite growing up.
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    Yep: Old Chuck, taking a hit for team human.
    Looks like a flick I will have to suffer at the theater, matinee only.
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    That looks like a great film, that and I'm a huge fan of Will Smith. It seems the closer he gets to middle age the better projects he does.
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    I just picked this up at the local WalMart in the checkout cheapy section for one dollar. Worth looking for.

  12. I too am very excited for this movie to come out.I already made the wife promise to take me :D
  13. I've been waiting to see this movie too!! I watched "Omega Man" several times growing up and liked it very much.
  14. Me and my wife saw the previews to it months ago and we swore to see it once it comes out. So now we are waiting for it to come out. It looks really cool
  15. I liked Omega Man too and this looked like a similar type movie.
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    Everyone got all hyped up for it but nobody has commented on seeing it.... I thought it was pretty good. I took my GF and she really hates scary movies. lol. I thought it was more of a zombie movie than a vampire movie.
  17. my wife does not like sitting in theaters watching shootem up type movies, so I may have to catch this in one of the afternoon shows. I like Will Smith movies so this is right down my alley.
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    It wasn't that great, and the ending blows, I'd wait till it comes out on DVD, then just download it, don't bother with the $8 to go see it.

    Though I really liked his survival gear, all the food, etc.
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    Saw it the other night...it got ya pulled in...you felt Neville's emotions...but yeah, the ending was typical Hollywood crap...

    This is not a shoot em up movie...granted there is a fair amount of gunfire towards the end, but its not like hes running around trying to kill them like the Vincent Price version...