I am my own worse enemy

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  1. Well I was cutting up a bunch of different vegitables this morning and wasworking on a big bunch of thick stock kale making food for the lizards this morning and was in a hurry as always and was working the blade a little too fast and managed to lob off about an 1/8" of my thumb. Right through the fingernail, flesh, and to the cutting board. Blood spurted out and it started gushing. Went to the ER where they mixed up a pan of alcohol and iodine and looked at me and told told em to stick my thumb in their. I looked at the nurse and replied, as kindly and mild mannered as one can be at this point, "you're out of your F*@#ing mind". Well it was the nurse and my wife vs me and they won, and I dipped, and the heart monitor thing went nuts for about 30 seconds as I had tohold my finger submerged for what seemed like an hour. Then after three attempts of bandaging they finally got the blood flow to stop and I now feel like lobster boy with my thumb all wrapped up. Now I'm at work and wondering how I'm going to manage typing and repairing PCs for the next couple weeks. It was a neat looking cut, the knife was so sharp that it made it nice and smooth al the way through, looks like when you cut a grape in half the wet looking flesh inside. Took a pic while I was waiting in the ER and will post when I get home if the meds dont knock me out first.
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    Ouch!! Fingers are almost the worst things to damadge. :wink: Take care and wait til we have supper before posting the pic ok?

    Mabee we could give out a "Neo" award :wink:

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    Did you feed the tip to the lizards? HEHEHE!

    Sorry to laugh at your misfortune and pain, but I see all kinds of grisly self inflicted wounds, that might make you feel better. How about skin tears from ankle to hip? Or maybe a degloving?
    Eyes gouges are my least favorite damage to look at, hell it makes me wince and I am a seasoned medic and nurse. Cut your hands all you want but wear eye protection.
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    Least you didn't nick or slice into bone or kill the nail bed.
    the finger tips are pretty resilient, esp since you retain your nail. Thumbs are pretty stubby anyway so it shouldn't be as noticeable as any other finger

    cant wait for the pic!

    Hope the knifes werent a gift.
    my mother always told me I had to pay at least penny for any knife given as a gift. If you cut yourself its not the givers fault because you bought it. If someone gives you a knife they want you to cut yourself w/ it. I suppose its some sort of superstition, but I keep to it.
  5. Taurus, you dumbarse! LOL! Sorry to hear that dude, hope your thumb heals quickly my friend.
  6. Dude, aren't you like some highly trained professional killing machine, skilled in all weapons and explosive devices, able to dispatch a small unit of enemy soldiers armed only with a butter knife and your bad attitude?

    Maybe culinary school might have been a better choice.... :lol: :lol:

    Seriously...... every time you touch that for the next few weeks you'll remember this day - OUCH. I feel your pain bro; hope you get through it soon.
  7. Sorry to hear about the accident Taurus, I bet it hurt like hell. Take that knife and throw it away, its got the bad mojo now ;)
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    lol, glad to know I'm not the only one thats happened to. Didn't get the alcohol and iodine treatment, just bandaged it up myself and kept on going :p Although those clean slices do look odd.... Hope your's heals up alright, and that you get some of the sensation back.
  9. Ya know, I can just see your wife standing over your bleeding body with a pan of alcohol and iodine!!!! "It's ok honey, it'll stop hurting when it feels better, at least you wont be bleeding!!!" LMAO!!

    Dude, give your wife SERIOUS kudos from me on that one! Ya know, I think I'll call and tell her thanks for that personally! That totally makes up for the "phone" incident that got your ole lady pissed off at me for 2 weeks.... Buck up Brother, it'll only get better from here! :wink:
  10. Here's where it was hacked off.

    And after telling Primal on the phone how I made sure to pick out my finger tip before feeding the lizards which I insisted on doing before letting the wife take me to the hospital. Primal thought that I should take a picture of my shriveled finger tip. Luckily I still had it and the wife finds this odd. Anyways, look closely and you'll see my fingernail still attached on the top left.
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    You didn't really go to the hospital for that did you? :shock:

    The alcohol and iodine probably hurt more than the cut.

    Cool looking slice though, keep the alcohol on the inside this weekend and you'll feel better.

    ...just kidding on the hospital thing. It's amazing how much blood can come out from one of those cuts. Done it a few times myself.

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    :shock: You mean THIS is all the ballyhoo over just a scratch? Cmon man buck up! My dad got his hand caught in a snowblower in 1974 and totally screwed it up [almost lost it] but the surgeon was good and saved it and he didn't whimper half as much as you are What a BABY!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: No on the flip side it probably does hurt like h#ll and is kinda awkward to get around not using
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    :shock: What a Girlie Man!:shock:
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    Little ole flesh wound :wink:
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    Feed the flesh to the reptiles.....LOL
  16. My wifes stepdad got himself across the kneecap with a chainsaw and didnt go to the hospital and used turpentine on it until it healed. Left one HELL of a scar.

    I bet that did hurt though Taurus, the skin is where all of the pain is at. :wink:
  17. +1 for you getting a Neo Award.

    Actually I heard something about a wager on your 1911 shooting skulls and that this was your way of backing out.

    Hope it heals up well.
  18. I have had almost the exact same wound, dont wory, in a year or two, you won't even be able to see the scar.........

    hope it doesn't bother you to much.............
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    Ouch, reminds me of the time that I hit my thumb with my bayonet when I was out camping.

    I never knew there was that much blood in a thumb. :shock:

    Anyway I hope you feel better soon Taurus. :)